Eat at McDonald’s Lose Weight? The Shocking State of American Restaurants


    Who would have ever thought of writing a headline that says you could be better off eating at McDonald’s rather than Baja Fresh! Pick your jaw up and read on!


    Studies done by Men’s Health, have shown that you can make healthier choices off of the standard Mcdonald’s menu (rated a B+) than you can at the healthy-sounding Baja Fresh (Rated D-)! And don’t even think about going to Applebees, IHOP, Outback, or TGI Fridays!!  They’re amongst those rated an F!

    Having said that, you may be of the opinion that you can eat MOST anywhere if you’ll just take care of yourself and ask for your food prepared in the way you deserve to have it prepared. You don’t have to have them fixed in the manner that the restaurant deems easiest to prepare or most cost-effective from their perspective. They’re not the ones who have to live in YOUR body!

    OK, so getting back to the healthier McDonald’s, keep in mind that McDonald’s menu is still filled with lifestyle killers. You still need to be very careful about your choices.

    You may only eat at McDonald’s (or most fast food restaurants) in a pinch; however, if you find yourself there, you could easily enjoy a salad with low fat dressing. You could even ask for a veggie burger. It’s not going to be a real veggie burger, so dont get all excited.  Most likely it will be a hamburger, minus the meat and cheese.  Of course, youll want to order it minus the mayo, plus BBQ sauce, and mustard.  Keep in mind the bun is made of white flour, so its not a great choice, but in a pinch, you could consider it. Another good choice would be the yogurt and fruit parfait at only 2 ½ grams of fat.

    To read more about Americas Unhealthiest Restaurants, visit Men.s Health Magazine. It pays to have your eyes wide open!


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