Easy Ways to Support Your Child’s School


    No matter what type of school your kids attend, it’s safe to say that they can use all the help and support they can get these days. Parents and guardians are busier than ever, and many schools seem to be bursting at the seams with children. Teachers and administrators work tirelessly to offer students a strong education, a sense of discipline, and respect for knowledge. They are overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid. Schools function best when they receive the support of a community with interested and involved families and individuals.

    Even if you have a busy lifestyle, there’s always something you can do to give back and lend a hand at the school where your children go. Here are a few easy ways to support your child’s school:

    1. Join the PTA.

    The parent-teacher association is a crucial organization in the school. Being a supportive and active part of this group will help to connect you with other parents and community members. It doesn’t need a lot of time – just a few hours a month at meetings to help organize school events. PTA is almost always in need of parent volunteers, so if you have a few hours to spare, this will be an excellent place to pitch in. This way, you’ll also get to know the teachers better, as well as other parents who are involved.

    2. Volunteer in your child’s class.

    This will be appreciated by your child’s teacher a lot. You can help by organizing things in the classroom, reading to the class, helping out in a group activity, or preparing homework packets and future projects. Whatever it may be, the teachers would be thankful for your time.

    3. Attend school board meetings.

    By attending school board meetings, you can offer your input and get an inside view of how the school board makes decisions. You can be given a voice and let the administration hear your concerns.

    4. Help a school club.

    The enrichment programs and extra-curricular clubs at the school can probably use a little help. Suppose your child is involved with any activities or clubs at the school. In that case, you can contact the key person or the person in charge and see if you can help with supplies, planning, transportation, or any preparation for activities and gatherings.

    5. Help raise funds.

    Donating to food drives and helping with any fundraising event can be a big help to your child’s school. The part needed from parents is often an easy one, but you can always extend extra hands to volunteer if the school needs it.

    6. Share your time and talents.

    Teachers often need parent volunteers on some classroom activities. You can read to a preschool class, demonstrate how to make an exotic dish, share your interesting family history, show how to make a creative holiday gift, or discuss your job on career day.

    7. Organize a workplace tour.

    If you work at a company that would be an interesting place for a field trip, you can organize a tour of your workplace for the class. Kids would enjoy learning outside their classrooms for a change.

    8. Help clean up.

    During spring, you can organize and start a cleanup drive at the campus. Include students, parents, teachers, and any community members who like to help. The participants will feel a sense of ownership and will be less likely to ignore trash in the future.

    9. Nurture your green thumb.

    If the school grounds need some work, talk to the principal, administrator, or PTA about gathering a group of parents to help beautify the grounds and garden. Use your gardening skills to plant trees or flowers in a few spots around the school.

    10. Volunteer at the school library.

    Some schools are short on funds to hire librarians. If that’s the case at your child’s school, you can volunteer to check out or shelve books, assist students, or donate some money to buy new books for the library. Keeping the library open can help keep the students’ love for reading alive in this digital age.

    11. Make sure your kid’s homework gets done.

    To support your kid’s studies at school, it helps if you make sure if your kids have done their homework. It doesn’t only help your child – it also shows you support teachers in the homework they give their students. Teachers are trying to educate your kids, not just a bunch more work to do.

    12. Be there and participate.

    As a parent, you simply need to get involved. Take volunteer positions and get to know teachers and parents. Your kid will take notice that you care about their education and their school, even if they don’t always show it.


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