Easy and authentic frozen lunches w/ Herdez Cocina Mexicana

Many thanks to the makers of the HERDEZ® brand for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging me to try the Cocina Mexicana Frozen Bowls.
Lunchtime has a way of slipping by me. I forget it. I’m distracted. I’m busy. I have a million other things I’m thinking of. The hunger usually hits me right before I have to pick up the kids from school and I realize I haven’t eaten since my coffee & half eaten toast this morning, and by then I don’t have much time to eat. It happens to all of us sometimes, doesn’t it?
Sometimes I’ll quickly snack on some goldfish crackers or a string cheese, or whatever easy stuff my kids like to snack on I have laying around. Or sometimes I end up hitting a drive thru or running to the store in the middle of the day because none of the “kid food” sounds good. I’m always looking for easy and yummy lunch ideas on those crazy busy days- something I can whip up quickly before the baby starts crying or before I get distracted returning emails and phone calls.
HERDEZ® Cocina Mexicana brings the Mexican restaurant experience home with authentic ready-to-eat meals that give you the bold Mexican taste you love in seconds. They are available in 10 varieties, and Cocina Mexicana meals have plenty of authentic flavor for the whole family. The top 3 bowls are Beef Barbacoa, Carnitas with Charro Beans, and Pork Chili Verde. With the same quality and freshness you expect from the HERDEZ® Brand, you’re savoring the best of traditional Mexican cuisine in every bite.
I stocked my freezer full of these yummy little Mexican bowls. They are really quick- I pop them in the microwave for about 5 minutes and it’s an easy lunch option that almost always sounds good. Mexican food is one of my favorites! I love that I can get authentic Mexican flavors without having to leave the house, and they are so fast- perfect for any busy day. If you work outside the house you could bring one of these frozen bowls to work and heat it up for an inexpensive lunch option. Or if you need an easy dinner idea for the whole family, grab a bunch of different flavors of these bowls, heat them up, and serve them with some chips, salsa, and guacamole and you’ve got a tasty Mexican dinner that the whole family can enjoy together.
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