Easiest Recipe to Make Espresso at Home


    If you are looking for less time taking and a drink that gives you instant energy for the lazy mornings, it is going to be Espresso. Espresso isn’t just a coffee rather it is an art. Perfecting this art is not easy and one might end up ruining their coffee if they don’t have the right recipe for it. Of Course, every recipe has its own unique way of preparation giving a different taste and aroma to the person drinking it. If you often skip your morning coffee, we have a few recipes for you to make an Espresso Shot instantly. 

    What is an Espresso Shot?

    Espresso is a method of brewing coffee that is based out of Italy. It requires some boiling water in small quantities. The specific way of creating an Espresso Coffee is that it is forced with 130 – 150 psi under the atmospheric pressure. Making an Espresso does not require any particular type of coffee beans or roasts but it is recommended that one uses finely-ground coffee beans. 

    Espresso is quite popular in different parts of Southern Europe such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. In addition to that, Espresso is also considered as a base of different types of coffees which include caffè latte, cappuccino, caffè macchiato, caffè mocha, flat white, and caffè Americano. Making one at home is not a difficult task.

    Easiest Recipe to Make Espresso at Home

    The Easiest Way to make Espresso at home is with a French Press of any other brand that could allow you to get the exact level of pressure required for an authentic cup of Espresso Shot. In case you are wondering what exactly this machine is, it’s usually a thermos-sized beaker which has a piston that runs through the lid and middle of the beaker. Don’t worry, they don’t cost you a lot and we have reviewed a few best ones below. 

    Along with a pressing machine, you would require fresh coffee beans, boiling water, and foamy cream. You can skip the foamy cream if you don’t like it. That’s all it takes to make a single Espresso shot. 

    A Quick Mill 820 home espresso machine

    The Process

    1. To make one perfect cup of Espresso, you would be needing 2 tablespoons of coffee. It is recommended to use coarse grounds so your coffee tastes better in a rich flavor. Using the fine grounds is okay because they can make the coffee muddy and probably you might see that the fine grounds are popping back up. 
    2. Boil the water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the water is being heated at such a high temperature, it is always recommended that you use some warm water and add it to the French Press so that it does not get cracked with a sudden temperature change right after you pour boiling hot water in it. 
    3. Once the French Press is warm you may now remove the warm water from it. The next step is to add coffee grounds and pour “some of the” hot water on it. There will be an instant aroma from the coffee grounds. Wait for a few seconds but don’t get lost in it because there is still some work left.
    4. Pour remaining hot water and mix in a light way. You would need a long handle spoon for that purpose. This will start the extraction process and make the Espresso.
    5. The most important step in making Espresso is to ensure that there is a proper steep to the press. The longer the steep, the stronger is the brew and the more ideal is the taste of the shot. 5 minutes is more than enough to steep. As long as the steeping process is being done,  there is no need to use the piston or plunger of the Press. 
    6. After you are done with the steeping process, you can hold the lid as steady as you can and gradually press the piston until it reaches the bottom. Going gradually will ensure that no ingredients are left away but to make it sure, you can experiment with going halfway, then coming back and going to the lowest point again. Once it is ready, you may add cream to it.

    That’s it! In these six simple steps, you can make the best espresso at home. It is the easiest recipe because it does not require as much effort as the other recipes do such as the Moka pot one which is also a very messy procedure. Note that it may take you some extra time, in the beginning, to familiarize yourself with the process but once you have a routine, it won’t even take you 10 minutes considering you have already boiled the water.

    If you do not have an espresso machine yet, you may check out our Guide to Selecting an Espresso Coffee Maker for some of the best recommendations.

    Finely ground coffee should be used for making Espresso.

    How is Espresso Different from Other Coffees?

    A fine line stands between Espresso and other types of coffee. You will find Espresso to be thicker than the coffee brewed with other techniques. One of the reasons for this is that it has some warm honey in it. Moreover, there are more dissolved solids in the coffee making it thick. Some people also like having cream on top which is why they foam their espressos with cream. 

    Other common differences between an Espresso and other types of coffee are that the flavors in an Espresso are highly concentrated. This happens because the ingredients of Espresso have gone through extreme pressurization of 130 to 150 psi as mentioned above. Oil droplets are added to the Espresso so that the aroma of the coffee does not get lost in the air.

    We find Espresso unique because of the oil droplets, suspended solids, and foam which is usually not found in other coffees.

    Manual Espresso Machine can also be used to make a great shot.

    Does Espresso have high Caffeine?

    With highly concentrated ingredients and a strong coffee, you get the extra caffeine in your Espresso as well. It generally depends on how much quantity of coffee you are consuming. Normally, espresso has high caffeine but is taken in lower quantities which balances out the amount of caffeine you will take. 

    Other factors such as bean origin and roast method also contribute to the caffeine content. Nonetheless, for the typical 1 ounce of Espresso, there are 65 milligrams of caffeine. On the other hand, other coffees with 4 to 5 ounces of drink contain 150 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. The average is much higher for an Espresso. Therefore, it is advised to not drink an Espresso in high amounts because a large dose of caffeine is harmful for the health and it could also lead to the prevention of sleep. 


    That’s a lot about Espresso! Espresso Shots are not for everyone but for those who dare! Remember that there are many different ways of making an Espresso but the easiest one is to use a French Press or of course a very expensive machine that might do the job. We hope you are able to make an aromatic, authentic, and flavorful Espresso that keeps you running all day every day.

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