Drinking Better Coffee Each Morning

For people who can’t start the day without at least one cup of coffee, the thought of somehow improving that one cup has probably crossed their minds. What kind of improvement that entails depends on what exactly that person is currently trying to achieve.

The possibility of somehow improving the taste of your coffee even more is an expected thing to wonder. However, some people might have also wondered just how healthy their coffee really is, and if they can do anything to make it even healthier. So let’s try to address both issues one by one, and hopefully lead you to a world of better coffee regarding every aspect.

First, Let’s Talk About Flavor


For those of you interested only in making your coffee taste as good as it smells, barely any change and adaptation is required. You can take all sorts of different steps to enhance the flavor of your coffee, ranging from little proportion adjustments to more sophisticated changes like grinding your own coffee beans.

The most obvious changes you can make immediately involve experimenting with ingredients you already use. What if you tried a different brand of cream? What if you taste tested a bunch of different coffee grinds from different companies? What if you increased or decreased the amount of water, or coffee grinds, or sugar, or cream that you add?

Simple experimentation with your already existing recipe can sometimes result in a glorious result that tastes like a nectar from the heavens. If you’re done being a scientist with your ingredients and are still looking for more ways to make coffee taste better, you might want to start looking at your brewing process itself. Maybe if you brewed it for a slightly shorter period? Perhaps you might want to change the temperature at which you keep your coffee. And maybe you’re overcooking your coffee and ruining it without realizing. All of these are possible scenarios and require careful examination on your part.

If you’ve done everything above and still yearn for more, it might be time to try adding in new ingredients. A simple trick some people like to use is to add a very tiny pinch of salt into your brew. We know salt in coffee sounds preposterously horrendous, but we’re not talking about a large enough pinch that you can actually taste. A very tiny, negligible amount of salt actually reduces some of the bitterness of coffee, in case that is what you’re looking to do. Other ingredients worth experimenting in varying quantities with include vanilla extract and ground cinnamon.

The water you use in your brew also warrants attention. Cold water is recommended for brewing coffee, as having it heat up to your required temperature along with the coffee produces a better flavor overall. And, if you’ve been using tap water this whole time, you might want to try some filtered bottled water instead. Who knows, that change in the water’s taste might result in a positive change in the coffee’s taste.

What a lot of coffee lovers do is that they buy whole coffee beans and grind them themselves. It might be easier getting already ground coffee grinds but, checking out different beans from different coffee shops is the way to go. This way, you decide which coffee tastes the best. And, freshly ground coffee beans taste miles better than grinds that have been sitting unused for weeks. And remember, do not grind your coffee too much. A very fine grind makes for much more bitter coffee. Settle for average grinds in larger quantities to avoid overburn.

And lastly, for the ultimate improvement in coffee taste, you should ditch your normal coffee maker for a French press. Granted, French press coffee makers require much more effort than your average run of the mill coffee machines. But if you really care about coffee, this is one upgrade you should definitely go for. If you need help getting started, Mueller’s French press coffee maker and Secura’s French press coffee maker are both excellent choices and will surely make your coffee taste exceptionally good.

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Now, What About Health Benefits?


If you’re looking for advice on making your coffee healthier rather than tastier, we’ve got some tips for that too. The good news is, coffee is already quite healthy. According to some studies that set out to find out just how good caffeine really is, coffee is an excellent way to start the day. Coffee – either the usual sort or even decaf – lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, increases insulin resistance, protects the liver, and makes you happier in general all at the same time. And these are only benefits that have been discovered, and they are attributed to coffee itself rather than caffeine. We’re willing to bet there are other wonderous facts about coffee still hidden away beneath its rich, creamy surface.

Now, what would one go about doing in order to make their morning coffee even better when it comes to health? Simple; switch to black coffee. You might have slightly retched at that suggestion, and we don’t blame you. Most of us have only had a singular experience with black coffee, and it has almost always been anything but pleasant. So why in blazes would you willingly torture yourself by drinking liquid wood? Let us explain.

Firstly, to start off, we just need to point out that thanks to the wonders of growing consumerism, there are a lot of different and better types of black coffee available on the market now. You won’t get the taste of your average cream and sugar coffee, but at least you’ll feel something other than death itself making its way down your throat. But we have a few more defenses for black coffee yet.

You might have heard this but never bothered finding it out for yourself, but you do indeed grow used to black coffee and how it tastes. Black coffee, much like many forms of liquor, is an acquired taste. The first dozen times might feel horrible, but slowly and surely you will grow to love it. Anyone who’s ever given black coffee a fair try has ended up switching exclusively to black coffee. Once you become accustomed to its smoky texture and bitter flavor, you’ll find yourself being repulsed by normal cream and sugar coffee instead. You’ll quickly find yourself becoming a coffee puritan, obsessed with only drinking black coffee and quietly judging all the heretics that add milk or cream or sugar to their coffees.

But why do all this? Why should you deliberately force yourself to like black coffee when you’re already perfectly happy with your usual creamy and sugary brew? Simple; you remember all those benefits we listed above that coffee gives you? Well, take those and multiply by ten. That is essentially black coffee. Furthermore, you get to rid yourself of the calories you were taking in from the cream and sugar as well. It’s just so much healthier no matter how you look at it.


No matter which style of coffee you settle on, we hope you’ve somehow made your coffee at least a tiny bit better. Whether milky and sweet, or dark, smoky, and bitter as all Hell, coffee is one amazing bean. Whichever kind you like, and whichever method discussed above you may adopt, we’re all coffee lovers in the end. And what really matters is that fresh hot cup in the mornings to wake you up.