Don’t Forget the Toys When Getting a New Cat

Picking the best cat toys depends on what type of cat you have.  This means that you have to consider your cat’s specific needs when shopping for your feline friend’s toys and wares.

Cat owners need to understand that cats have likes and dislikes.  Interestingly, they are not also afraid to display their types of personalities.

This is why choosing the right toy is a bit of a challenge.  You have to consider their preference and the unique level of energy they have.  You can vary the toys when they are indoors or outdoors, too.

Understandably, getting a pet is a new milestone for families.  It is an excellent addition to the family that loves you dearly and becomes an important part of your daily routine.  Imagine returning home from work and your cat purring to get your attention.  There is no comparison between having children and opting for pets, as both bring an immense amount of pleasure to your life.  Cats are the best furry kids you can have.  They might show you tantrums, but once you cuddle them, they can become your best source of entertainment.  More than the cuddling time, you should also invest in the right toys for them so they can maintain fun and healthy activities where you are away.

Top view of a curious tabby cat playing with wooden cat's toy on the floor with copy space

Cats and Play?

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or already have a cat as a pet.  It is crucial to know some fundamentals about keeping cats or kittens.  You must have seen those cute videos on the internet that go viral in a short time in which kittens are playing with balls of wool and various other toys.  We are here to guide you about every detail regarding cats and how you should play with them, and what types of toys are best for them.

Cats are innately athletic.  They are agile animals with amazing strength.  They are meant for jumping around, leaping for things, and dashing for objects that interest them.  If we have them as a pet, it is our responsibility to let them practice these habits.

Providing playing opportunities to cats is essential for creating a stimulating environment for them.  By doing this, you are helping your kitty get stronger and stay healthier.  An outlet for utilizing their energy is critical for their mental stimulation and satisfy their innate needs.  Above all, playing with cats is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with each other.

Do cats really need toys?

Cats spend so much time entertaining themselves and, yes, sleeping.  Yet, just like people, they need something that can help them exercise and stimulate mental alertness.  If they don’t have a toy to play with, they will be bored and become unhappy.  Furthermore, boredom in cats can result to unwanted behaviors, such as biting, clawing, and even over vocalization.

Toys, after all, keep the stress and anxiety away!

What and How to Play?

From any crumpled piece of paper or a discarded pen to a newspaper or a wrapping sheet, your cat can interactively engage with any item that you toss at her.  Cats are like babies – they observe and sense your eagerness to play.  With the right signal from you, they can play with anything and turn your evening into immense fun.

Flickable items, such as small objects, like a feather toy, or ping-pong balls, are ideal for playing toss and chase with your furry friend.  They can also bring a smile to your face by hiding in a big paper bag, urging you to play hide and seek.  Such toss-and-chase games are categorized as forms of interactive play that bring about the athletic side of your sweet little kitten.  Offering a treat at the end of the game reinforces their interest in the game and gets them excited for a new round of toss and chase.

Domestic cats playing with a scratching tower

DIY-ing Cat Toys

You can find amazing and most heart-warming toys online for your cats.  Until your order comes through, you can entertain your cat by creating some of these toys:

A round plastic shower curtain ring is one of the most appreciated toys by cats.

Ping-pong or plastic golf balls also excite the cats.  You can hide the balls under the sofa or in a dry bathtub.

Paper bags make for the best go-to toys for cats.  However, ensure that the handles of the bags are removed so that there is no danger of choking.

Empty cardboard boxes also qualify as valuable item in a cat’s dictionary.

The following are some of the items that should be kept away from cats:

Loose string, ribbon, or dental floss

Rubber bands

Pins or paper clips

Plastic bags (they pose the risk of suffocation)

Tabby domestic shorthair cat playing with feather toy outdoors in sunlight

Amazing ideas for the best toys you can get for your cat

1. Cat scratcher toy

A cat scratcher toy is one of the most loved toys by cats.  This helps encourage the cat’s instinctual behavior of scratching and rubbing themselves against objects.  Find a cat scratcher toy with a cardboard backbone that makes it sturdy. 

For this type of toy, it is also best to have a rotating base to bring more fun to your cat.  Imagine how cute your cat will look when she inspects this toy and explores it.

2. Cat wand

If you want your kitty to look sporty, you can introduce a cat wand.  Choose one with an unbreakable polycarbonate handle and non-toxic material.

You can jiggle the cat wand easily to make your feline friend do various aerobatic stunts while she practices her innate habits.  To make it more stylish, you can add colors and printed patterns on the jiggy cat wand.

3. Mini balls

Once you have got your cat all hyped up, you can introduce some metallic-colored mylar balls to calm her down.  Make sure that the balls are made of soft mylar and are very light-weighted.  Your cat will surely go crazy over these mini balls, which she can pounce and chase. 

It is also interesting to marvel at your cat having all the fun as she engages and makes a crackling sound when grabbing the balls.

4. Toy food dispenser

For another interesting toy for your new pet cat, you can introduce a toy food dispenser to keep your cat engaged for a long time. 

Besides being used as a toy, this cat food dispenser can double as a meal server, so, it is an excellent deal for cat owners out there. 

A food dispenser is also a great tool for taming the eating habits of cats, preventing them from obesity.

5. Fish cat toy

Cat loves fish.  Thus, there is no other way to keep her engaged but to give her a fish cat toy.

Make sure you can find a fish toy that is so realistic that your cat is bound to throw a fit to get it.  Choose a cat that wiggles like a real fish with the help of a motion sensor.  This motion sensor detects the presence of your cat and activates the wiggly motion.  If you are searching for something that your cat will enjoy thoroughly and leave you alone for a considerable amount of time, you should get a wiggly fish cat toy.

You also have to check the materials used in the making of this toy.  Make sure it is safe for your cat so that she can chew on it.  In short, find a fish cat toy that is both interactive and fun toy for your pet.

6. Interactive moving balls

For your pet cat to experience interactive and fun moments at home, you can introduce bright-colored balls that swirl around a multi-level landing platform.

Giving moving balls to your feline friend can significantly help encourage batting and hunting instincts in cats.  Spin the balls for your pet while they watch and learn to do it by themselves. 

Make sure that the toy is very lightweight and is made from materials that do not harm the cats.  You also have to make sure that the multi-level landing base is non-slippery, to avoid the risk of your cat to tumble down the hall while your cat sprints at it.

7. Cat maze and puzzle feeder

Never underestimate your feline friend.  Like humans, they also need a toy that can stimulate mental alertness.

Getting a maze and puzzle box is the best option.

This type of toy can bring mental stimulation as push, hunt, dig, and get around the box.  Make sure to find a sturdy material, like cardboard, for the box so your cats can stand on the box even if you are not around.


Choosing interactive and fun toys for your cat is essential for bonding with them.  Cats are very remarkable at learning patterns and set schedules.  If you include this play in your daily schedule, your pet will keep looking forward to it.  As a rule, pick the toys meant to increase quality time with your cat.  Not only playing with cats benefits them, but it also helps in unwinding your mind.