Does Washing Your Face Help Get Rid of Acne?


    Most of us are habitually washing our face every night before we go to sleep, as our parents must have told us that it helps get rid of dirt and chemicals that may cause problems on our face. Despite being an old school method, there has been concrete evidence supporting the claim that water can actually help cleanse the face, which is why the method is still being used today. However, there are some that are wondering if washing the face can also help in reducing pimples. So, for this article, we will give you the answers to the question: does washing your face help get rid of acne?

    Washing Your Face with Water Only

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    If you don’t want to use any products, fearing that the chemicals and the ingredients found in facial cleansers can cause more problems to your face, then washing your face by using water only is still effective to get rid of dirt and grime on the skin. While the skin in our face is already capable of flushing out any harmful elements on it, its abilities may sometimes not be enough to clean all impurities of the skin, thus leading to the occurrence of pimples on the face.

    By washing the face with water, you will be able to help your skin to take out excess sweat and dirt, thus preventing them from re-entering the pores of your face. Washing the face by only using water is safer than using it with facial cleansers, especially if you have sensitive skin that may usually react to the chemical found in the products. However, the method is still not as effective compared to using facial cleansers, as water doesn’t really have the capabilities to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients that help in preventing pimples from constantly appearing.

    Washing Your Face with Cleanser 

    Experts would say that washing your face with a cleanser and water is one of the most effective ways of reducing pimples on the face, as the ingredients used to make most cleansing products have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the overproduction of sebum (one of the causes of pimples) on the face, as well as the visibility of the pimples.

    However, since there are hundreds of different cleansing products on the market, almost all of them cater to certain skin types. As such, it is essential that you know which facial cleanser is the best for your skin.

    Kinds of Cleansers for Every Skin Type

    As mentioned previously, there are different kinds or types of facial cleansers that are focused on being suitable for different skin types. Here are several commonly seen types of skin and a suitable facial cleanser for each of them.

    Dry Skin

    Dry skin usually is very itchy and is prone to flaking and being too tight (meaning that the pores are not as open as healthy skin). For dry skin, the best cleansers are the ones that are able to wash away dirt and grimes without actually taking away the natural oils of your skin. Some cleansers would also take away the natural oils on your face, which could possible make your skin even drier. Look for cleansers that have “hydrating face wash” in their labels to know that you are buying a product suitable for dry skin.

    Oily Skin

    Those with oily skin have large and visible pores that cannot control how much natural oils the body creates on the face, thus leading to the face have a greasy look. To give remedy this “greasy” problem while also getting rid of impurities and dirt on the face, there are “oil-control” face cleansers you can use that have the ability to clean and penetrate the deep parts of the pores to control oil production. However, most oil-control face wash products, like the ones that are infused with charcoal, are abrasive, so they may not be suitable for other skin types.

    Sensitive Skin

    People that have sensitive skin often suffer from rashes, which are caused by their skin’s irritations to certain elements in the air or on anything that it comes into contact with. Because their skin can easily get irritated, they tend to have reddish skin constantly. The facial cleansers suitable for people with sensitive skin are the products that have soothing capabilities that wouldn’t irritate the skin, and most of these products have more natural ingredients since chemicals are abrasive and can also serve as irritants if they are too strong. Try to find facial cleansers made with 100% natural ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

    Those are just two of the best and most effective hacks to get rid of pimples. Most doctors would recommend that you should only wash your face once a day, preferably at night, since washing your face in the morning is not effective because you will still get dirt and grime on your face in the afternoon. Washing your face may not prevent pimples from appearing, but it actually helps in reducing the number of pimples on your skin.


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