DIY Makeover Ideas for Dining Tables and Chairs


    By selecting one of these simple DIY dining table makeover ideas, you can easily remodel your kitchen or dining area and add a wow element. It makes sense that the dining table would become the center of attention as it is typically the largest piece of furniture in that space. Your dining room’s ambience can be given new vitality and a new attitude by adding a few intriguing accents or decorations. It’s simple to assert that classic kitchen tables are found in the majority of residences. Whatever shape it is, there’s a strong probability it has wood grain and a brown stain. There are a couple different versions of this, but they are all outdated! This out-of-date word is also nothing to worry about. It’s actually one of the most straightforward home repairs.

    1. Small family dining table makeover ideas

    Families with fewer members, like those consisting of a father, mother, and two kids, typically decide to keep their homes simple in terms of décor. But it’s okay to experiment around the house, especially in the dining room.

    Not all of your dinnerware needs to be replaced with brand-new items. You must improve the appearance of the stuff you already own.

    Repainting old dining table

    To improve the ambiance, you might start by repainting your old dining table. If your former dining room had a dark-colored wall, you can also repaint it with a lighter color.

    Then, paint your dining table in accordance with the hue of the space. White dining tables are particularly fashionable right now because they make the table appear spacious and uncluttered. You can also make a drawing on the table, such as a spoon and fork or any image that fits the theme of the dining area. After painting the table, don’t forget to add the driftwood finish.

    Recover dining seat

    Recover your dining chair as the next step. Select the top fabric to be used for the seat cover. You can use recycled t-shirt or curtain material, trim it to fit the seat, glue it in place, and secure it with staples. Place it back on the chair after letting it dry for a day.

    Decorate dining table

    The third stage in creating a new mood in your dining room is to decorate the things on the dining table. A simple and inexpensive DIY dining room table makeover idea is to decorate items on the dining table as the third stage in creating a fresh ambiance in your dining room. Try placing a small imitation flower vase or other type of plant on the dining table if it was empty or did not have any other decorations. Enough with the setting one with the plain look; ensure that the decoration won’t conceal the face of your family and guests while you speak to them.

    2. Round Wooden Dining Room Table makeover

    Round dining table and chairs

    Round wooden dining tables typically have a single dark oak color, giving them a classic but aged appearance. If you have this kind of dining table, you may remodel it to improve the ambiance of the dining room and pique your hunger. 

    Sand the table’s surface first, starting with the thin layer. Sanding too aggressively will cause the wooden pattern to crack and thin out. The table surface should then be stained with weathered oak stain to highlight the table’s natural timber pattern. To make the natural design shine out more, you can use a dark stain.

    If your table’s natural color isn’t too dark, you may also modify the stain to bring out the natural pattern on it by bringing out its fundamental hue. When painting it, you must start with a very thin layer and add further layers until the surface appears glassy. After that, wait 24 hours for it to truly dry.

    The table feet should then be painted with a different color. The dining table looks more pristine and brighter when painted white. White is another color that may blend with any hue without throwing the table’s balance or appearance off. After that, let it air dry. Don’t forget to follow up by adding a coat of polycrylic protective finish to make the paint glossy and last longer. This DIY dining room table makeover idea can be adapted to a traditional, retro, or even modern dining room design.

    You can beautify your dining table by setting items on it, such a vase, after the dining table has dried after being painted. Make sure the on-table accent is in keeping with the theme of your dining area when selecting it. For instance, square glass jars can be placed within small plant pots to create an interesting concept. Additionally, you may look for decorations that go with your DIY dining room table makeover ideas in a few online retailers.

    3. Make your own Dining Table

    Making your own dining table is the greatest approach to implement DIY dining room table makeover ideas. To cut the wood to the right size, you can enlist the aid of your father, husband, or other male family members.

    Make the concept for your dining table first. If you want a dining table for a traditional or historical dining room, make hardwood cuts with ornamental curves on the table and chair foot as well as the chair backrest.

    You can cut the tabletop and the feet in a standard cut to meet the concept if you want a simple one. Don’t forget to sand the outside hardwood layer while measuring the size of the tabletop and the comparable foot size.

    You can use several materials for the tabletop and the feet in this DIY dining room table makeover idea. Use oak wood, which has a naturally dark pattern and color, for a tabletop. You can use alternative timber materials for the feet that can be painted any color. Next, apply a different color to the table’s top and its feet.

    To make the natural table design stand out, apply oak stain to the table’s surface. After letting it dry, continue putting a protective finish on it to extend the life of the table. Now that your customized table design is complete, you may set it up in the dining area. To make the dining table look nicer, put some decorations on it, like vases.

    4. Modern Farmhouse Dining Table Makeover

    Caswell farmhouse dining area

    Don’t get rid of your trusted dining room table just because the style or finish is no longer what you like. Instead, give your table a facelift with a little imagination and hard work. Use a procedure involving steel wool and vinegar to give something a worn-in appearance. This results in a wonderful patina that has the charm and character you’ve been looking for. To give this new piece of furniture a good contrast for the overall appearance, choose an accent color for the legs.

    5. Classic Table in White Base and Chairs

    With some neat tablecloths and white paint, your dining area will feel more cottage-style. A table and chairs with a vintage appearance shouldn’t be thrown out just because of their aging. Get to work painting their outside white to refresh their appearance. White screams “new” in every way. It is a classic option that complements any color or design scheme. Though it’s simple with a natural wood tabletop, don’t overlook a slight contrast. White cabinetry and walls complete the white makeover and contribute to the creation of your cherished breakfast nook, which you may use every day.

    6. Extra Large Pine DIY Dining Table

    Here’s what you do when you need to fill a sizable eating area. You may easily make a homemade dining table that is a perfect fit for your room by taking on a DIY project or asking a friend. You’ll not only get a one-of-a-kind table with the precise style you want, but it will also be the ideal size to fill the space. You may now amuse people like never before! You can comfortably seat eight guests at your dinner party with enough of room for elbows.

    7. DIY Farmhouse Table with Bench Seating

    Homes all around the nation are embracing farmhouse tables. Join the movement with a special variation you design. The top of this gorgeous long farmhouse table is finished in a deep, dark stain, and the legs are contrasted with white painted accents. This stunning handmade dining table is complemented well by the long, thin benches. This farmhouse table would look lovely in your dining area or outdoors if you wanted to. Just add some protective sealant to keep it looking wonderful all year long.

    8. Accent Dining Table and All White Chairs

    It looks wonderful to finish your dining table with a white accent color, but when all of the chairs are white, the whole set really pops! With this modern upgrade, give your outdated dining set new vitality. The table’s legs and apron have the same fresh white paint treatment as the cross-back chairs’ thick coats of paint. Consider using a glaze to give the tabletop’s stain a little more personality by including a driftwood or barnwood feature. For a unique appearance, line the middle with a few white embellishments.

    9. Shabby Chic Chalkboard Paint Dining Set

    You may quickly update your kitchen table by replacing a chair with a seat on one side. To give it a finishing touch that develops character, the entire unit is heavily painted with chalkboard paint. The majority of design schemes work well with the color white, which also helps the eye focus on the damaged parts. Overall, this white-washed beauty is an easy transformation that gives your kitchen a new center point. Find the ideal kitchen set to refurbish with this contemporary chalkboard effect by perusing flea markets and yard sales.

    10. DIY Blonde Wood Dining Table

    Remove that dated stain from your dining table for a more contemporary look. Once you’ve reached the neutral wood grains, you can gradually work toward attaining the desired beige, blonde, or gray tint. The chairs can be the main accent by keeping the top and legs the same. With a new finish, this conventional rectangular dining table appears much more contemporary. To draw attention to this brand-new, spacious, blonde wood dining table, add some ornamental touches to the surrounding space. 


    In addition to redesigning the dining table, there are other ways to renovate a dining room. It’s comparable to painting the dining room wall a fresh color or hanging a chandelier over the table to display a timeless design. After redesigning your dining room, keep it tidy to make the space look more appealing and ensure that all of the decorations last for a long time.

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