Different Ways to Cut and Slice Cheese

Cheese comes in different varieties especially in France where it is famous. Some cheese has nice textures while others have rough textures and they sometimes can smell pretty bad as well. Cheese is also used and served in different ways such as a spread, an ingredient for cooking, for toppings, for appetizers, and for snacks. One thing is for sure, cheese is loved all around the world.

Aside from the different ways to use and serve cheese, did you know that there are also different ways to cut and slice it as well? A wide variety of cheeses are often served at events and parties, proper cutting is very important. Cutting cheese depends on their shape, texture, and hardness or softness. Like any other food presentation is important.

For example, the French typically serve cheese cut such that the rhinid and the dough are both served in each slide. This ensures that the stronger flavored cheese by the rind is served along with the smoother tasting dough.

Tips in Slicing and Cutting Cheese

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Before we go to the different ways to cut and slice cheese, here are a few tips and guidelines to remember when it comes to cheese cutting or slicing.

  • Use a separate knife for each. A knife used in a brie should not be used in comte. They are very different type of cheese and the flavors should not mixed which will affect the aroma and taste.
  • Cheese should be cut at room temperature to make it easier to cut.

Different Ways of Cutting and Slicing Cheese

Flat, Round Cheese

Cutting round cheeses such as camembert, reblochon, and coulommiers is the same as how we cut round cakes. You should cut it into triangular shape. It should be cut from the centre, dragging the knife towards outside.

Large Round Cheese

If your cutting a large round cheese like brie and some types of Coulommiers they should be cut like a pie. You will have a long and thin piece for single serving; if it’s too much for a single serving, you may cut it into two and leave the second half for later.

If they presented the common portion size or the triangular shaped of cheese than that of the whole; you should not cut the “nose”, or the tip of the cheese that is closest to the center that has the most flavor. Instead, cut it into long slices like how you should cut a camembert.

Small Round Cheese

If the cheese is round and small like picodon, they can be half into two parallel or horizontal. They can also be cut into maximum of four giving each guest to have a small pie shape.

Cheese Logs

Cheese logs like Sainte-Maure de Tourane should be cut evenly in a coin shape.

Pyramid or Cylinder-Shaped Cheese

Cut this kind of cheese like how you cut round or square cheese, but through the entire height of the cheese. Cut thin and long portions from the very top to the very right bottom of the cheese. You should cut it into at least 8 portion sizes.

Square or Heart Shape Cheese

If you are cutting a square shaped cheese like Maroilles; Cut it still like a cake, starting from the diagonal cut, then cut each diagonal cut into triangles, and into half of the triangles. If you are serving just yourself, you can start from the middle of the cheese out and have a slice.

Hard Cheese

Hard cheese like Mimolette can be cut by using a vegetable peeler or a special cheese cutter if you have one at home. You can even grate them if you want to use it as a topper for your dish. A good example is how parmesan cheese is usually served.

You can also get some great cheese cutting sets that come with all the tools and cutting board for slicing your favorite cheese:

Like any other food, if cheese is cut and sliced nicely it will look more delicious and appetizing. The challenge is cheese comes in many shapes, thicknesses and consistency. With a little effort you can make a fantastic cheese presentation with a wide variety and types of cheese.