Different Ways Stressed Dads Can Relax at Home


    Stress can be experienced or dealt with by everyone, even the strongest of dads who are sometimes trying to act tough even in the most stressful moments. However, toughing it out isn’t an ideal way to reduce stress and may even become worse when you ignore it.

    Dads often don’t have the time to deal with stress, mainly because they are busy with their jobs or with their children. But, it is important that even during the weekends of days off in the house, dads should have a little bit of time to distress and unwind. Here are the different ways stressed dads can relax at home.

    Play Your Favorite Games

    One of the best methods to truly unwind at home is to play your favorite games, whether it would be video games or card games. If you are a gamer, you should at least have a video game console at home like a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One, as it would allow you to play different genres of games like racing, fighting, and adventure.

    Practice Yoga and Meditation

    man watching TV to relax

    An effective way to slowly reduce stress and relax at home is to practice yoga and meditation. While women are usually portrayed to be the ones that practice yoga the most, dads can also learn how to do it and benefit from its many advantages, including staying fit and maintaining a relaxed mind.

    Learning how to do yoga and meditation is easy nowadays, thanks to the internet, as you can easily watch YouTube videos or read online tutorials to learn more about specific yoga routines. So, go on and purchase a yoga mat and start practicing yoga to see if it can alleviate your stress.

    Start Working Out

    In addition to yoga and meditation, you can also start working out, as exercise is known to alleviate stress and produce more endorphins, which is a hormone that reduces stress, pain, and discomfort and increases your happiness. You can just start doing simple exercise routines like pushups or sit-ups, but you can also level it up by purchasing a treadmill or an exercise bike so that you can run or ride a bike even if you are at home.

    If you have the budget, you can set up a home gym that is filled with all the necessary equipment for you to stay fit and healthy, although if you don’t have the time to exercise daily, a home gym may be too excessive. Getting even just a little bit of exercise for a few minutes or hours is enough to release endorphins and alleviate stress.

    Read Books Alone or With Your Kids

    Books are a great way to escape from the real world and get immersed into another, albeit a fictional one, and just forget all about your problems in just a few hours. So, if you want to distress, you should read books, especially the ones belonging to the fiction genre, but you can also read non-fiction if you want to be inspired by real-life stories.

    Besides reading alone, you can also read books with your kids, which can also serve as a great bonding between parents and children. It is typical for parents to read books to children at night, but you can break the norm by having an afternoon reading session with kids during the weekend or on your days off. Pick the stories that are the most inspiring and lesson-filled to read for kids so that you can also build their character.

    Watch Movies or TV Shows

    man practicing yoga

    A classic method of relaxing is by watching movies or TV shows while lying in bed or sitting on a comfortable couch. There are thousands of different movies and TV shows for you to watch, and it would be great if you are subscribed to Netflix and other streaming platforms so that you can have easy access to whatever you want to watch on your television.

    Of course, the amount of stress you can reduce would depend on what types of movies or TV shows you will be watching. Too much action or gore may just increase your stress, while feel-good movies and documentaries that are inspiring to watch will make you more relaxed.

    Listen to Music or ASMR

    If you don’t have the time to do the activities mentioned above due to being busy with house chores or work at home, you have the option to listen to relaxing music or ASMR recordings. Through music, you will be able to feel much more relaxed even if you are doing something stressful or tiresome, which is why many people would often listen to their favorite songs while they are working, exercising, or doing any strenuous activity.

    ASMR, which is a popular acronym for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” is another relaxing type of audio recording that is supposed to give you “tingles,” a sensation that is supposed to feel like a soft massage on your body that can help in alleviating stress. There are many ASMR recordings on music streaming platforms, but some of the most effective is found on YouTube, which will also treat you with visual triggers that would have the same effect as audio triggers.

    There are countless ways for dads to relax and alleviate stress at home, so if you are feeling stressed or tired during particular days, don’t bottle it up since you have many different methods to reduce it. Try one or more of the methods or activities we have mentioned above and see which one would be the most effective in reducing your stress at home.


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