Different Types of Specialty Earbuds


    Listening to music can be a hobby, a past time, or a way for most of us to relax. We tend to listen to music even when we’re outside or while working through the use of earbuds. Since listening to music became essential to a lot of people, there are many types of earphones that has been created for different situations. Here are some of the different types of specialty earbuds.

    Earbuds for Swimming and Diving


    There are some people who love to listen to music even when they go swimming or diving. However, the problem with going underwater with your earbuds is that they tend to fall out your ear and leak water. To avoid these scenarios, using specialty earbuds for swimming and diving is essential.

    Earbuds for Biking

    There are also people who like listening to music while biking or cycling. In fact, earbuds are a staple riding accessory for many road cyclists and mountain bike riders. It’s because listening to music helps them remain focused. If you’re one of those people but you’re concerned with safety at the same time, you no longer have to worry because there are also earbuds that are made especially for biking.

    When it comes to earbuds for biking, there are two things you should look into. First is comfort. Since bikers are out for hours, it’s important to choose earbuds that are comfortable to wear even for a longer time. Then next is safety. There are some bikers who were involved in accidents due to listening to music while biking. To avoid this, it’s better to choose earbuds that are made for a cyclist.

    Earbuds for Helmets


    Motorcycle riders also enjoy listening to music just like cyclists. Listening to your favorite songs while the wind hits your face is a good way to relax after a long week of work. However, the problem is how to fit the earbuds comfortably while wearing full-faced helmets. That’s why most riders before prefer to install motorcycle speakers than earbuds.

    Earbuds for Gaming


    The world of gamers is not complete without the action-packed sound from the games they play. Many gamers use headphones when they play but for some, earbuds are a more portable and versatile option. Aside from using them for aggressive and massive gaming, they can also be used to listen to music, exercise, make calls, and more. Plus, gaming earbuds are more affordable compared to gaming headphones.

    Earbuds for the Elderly

    Each of us, no matter what age, has an ear canal that is unique to our body and hearing. But when it comes to the elderly, there are some common requirements when choosing a pair of earbuds.

    There are earbuds which can be combined with a hearing aid. There are also some which will allow you to independently tune it. Meaning, you can adjust the sound to frequencies where most hearing is loss, or on the frequencies where you still hear the most. This type of earbuds is best for the elderly because they will be able to set the tune to the sound that they need to cater their unique hearing situation.

    Earbuds for Large Ears and Extra Small Ears

    Finding the perfect size of earbuds can be challenging especially for people who have large ears and extra small ears. But this is not a problem anymore because earbud tips and foams in the present time can be interchanged into different sizes. And there are now earbuds that are made specially for large ears and extra small ears.

    People with large ears and extra small ears have the same problem when it comes to wearing earbuds, it falls off the ears. For extra small ears, the earbuds pops out because they are too tight, while for large ears, the earbuds fall off because they are too loose. Therefore, when you purchase earbuds, you should check first if they are made for large ears or for extra small ears.

    These different specialty earbuds make it possible for us to listen to music wherever we are or whatever we are doing.

    If you need more recommendations to find the best earbuds, our Guide to Choosing Earbuds might help you.


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