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    Mugs are surprisingly versatile. We all know they exist. And we all know what their primary purpose is – to hold drinks. But, aside from mug collectors, most of us would agree that we haven’t put much thought about mugs – even just the general idea of mugs. Come to think of it, they’re practical, easy to use, convenient, and other than having to wash them, there’s literally nothing to maintain. You can find a coffee mug for any scenario you can think of. You’ll undoubtedly discover a variety of options, whether you need one to keep your coffee warm on a camping trip or a cooler mug to bring to work. 

    Different varieties of coffee mugs vary in more ways than just their intended use. They can be categorized based on the materials they are made of, the type of coffee they hold, or even the number of walls they have (single or double). Each sort of mug obviously serves a specific purpose and has a unique set of characteristics. But, despite the selection of mugs from which you can choose from, they still lack that ‘oomph’ factor for you, you can always customize your mug in any way you want. 

    Types of Mugs

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    Before you proceed to unleashing your artistic side and decorating, you should understand and know that, when it comes to customized mugs, there are typically two surfaces you’ll want to consider: glass or ceramic. They are both rather simple to work with. Glass typically looks incredible when decorated with glitter and etching medium, while ceramic is ideal for painting. In any scenario, you should get the mug prepared to receive the medium of your choice. 

    Preparing Your Mug

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    It is very important that before you start preparing your mug to receive the medium of your choice, wash your hands with some mild soap and water, in order to get grime and grease off of your hands. You can also use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Before applying decorations, let the mug dry completely.

    Supplies You can Use to Decorate

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    We know that learning how to decorate your mug in order to make your customization last long is daunting because “it’s just decorating. How hard can it be, right?” but then, you realize that there are a few important things you have to consider. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few supplies that you can use to decorate your mug that’ll surely last long:

    • Acrylic Paint – Make sure the paint you use is compatible for ceramic and/or glass before applying it. A product like this would have the labels multi-surface, porcelain, or enamel.
    • Sharpies – You should use the oil-based paint pens from Sharpies. Regular Sharpies don’t consistently deliver a long-lasting design.
    • Nail Polish – You can simply decorate anything using the ordinary accessories you have at home. One of the things that will work is nail polish. The nail polish method will work straight away if you’re seeking for something that can be removed whenever you want but is permanent. Nail polish marbling is fairly common, simple, and affordable.
    • Glitter – With glitter, it can be a bit messy, but the outcome is no-doubt pretty and sparkly. You can use Mod Podge or any glue or adhesive that’ll adhere to the type of mug you’re decorating. In addition, there are plenty of glitter papers with adhesive coatings that will cling to your cup in a matter of seconds. The nice thing about this décor is that you can easily switch it out and obtain a new one every few days without incurring significant costs. Even though the glitter paper has a powerful adhesive, washing your hands is still advised to ensure that it won’t come off.
    • Mod Podge – The Dishwasher Safe formula of Mod Podge is ideal for top rack cleaning. Glitter is frequently added to this Mod Podge mixture to embellish mugs.
    • Sublimation Ink – With sublimation ink, a specific ink is applied to a mug’s surface under pressure and heat. To complete this kind of process, many different tools are needed.
    • Etching Medium – You’ll need a particular medium for this technique. Additionally, because the product is acid, you should wear gloves. The products of this decorating method are adorable, which have a very distinctive style.
    • Adhesive Vinyl – The adhesive vinyl is a thin, flexible material that is commonly used for decorative purposes on various surfaces. They can be easily applied on mugs because they are pressure sensitive. Cut up any vinyl with permanent adhesive into the design you want, then peel the back off and place them on your cup.
    • Baking Clay – This is relatively easy, the only hard thing to do is to decide what design to make. So, using oven bake clay, you choose a 3-D design you want to make and bake it in a home oven according to the directions on the bake clay package. 

    Things to Consider

    Decorating your own mug or decorating a mug for a friend or loved one is exciting and fun, but before you get started and let your creative juices flow, here are a few reminders to take note of:

    • Placement of Design – On the majority of products, the “official” recommendation is to begin your design at least 1/4″ down from the lip of the mug so that your lips never touch the product. It’s simply something to be aware of even though a lot of art items are non-toxic and you should be fine if your lips come into contact with them.
    • Dishwasher Safe – Really, it all depends on the mug you choose. Compared to ceramic mugs, glass mugs don’t seem to have as many issues.
    • Read the Instructions – The instructions on the product packaging should always be followed, but it’s important to keep in mind that homemade mugs typically require baking, especially when using Sharpies. To make mugs dishwasher safe, it is suggested that you bake them for two hours at 250 degrees. The colors are also kept from changing too much at this temperature and time.
    • Do NOT Use a Spray Sealer – It is highly recommended that you do not apply spray sealer to your mug. It is inevitable that running a spray-sealed mug in the dishwasher will cause the sealer to clump or cause the design to fog in some spots.

    Advantages of Decorating Your Own Coffee Mug

    Whatever the occasion, personalized mugs are really useful and make excellent gifts, especially for clients or coworkers – even yourself!

    • Feels like a morning hug – Without a doubt, the majority of individuals prefer a hot beverage to start their day—be it tea or coffee—and that hot beverage needs to go into a container.
    • Perfect for work – Most individuals prefer to use their own mugs while they are away from home. However, a lot of people who work from home also have a mug for the office. The mug you select might be a fascinating topic of discussion.
    • Perfect for collectors – Well, this is a no-brainer. For mug collectors, any kind of mug is will be appreciated, well-loved, and well taken care of. Moreover, mug collectors love to collect one-of-a-kind pieces, and there’s nothing more -one-of-a-kind than a customized mug.
    • Adds a personal touch – From breakfast through dinner, people use mugs all day long. Mugs are filled with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in good times and bad. A single drink appears to improve everything. Everyone prefers receiving gifts that are unique to them, and there is always room in someone’s life for a special mug. You can’t get more personal than that!
    • Has excellent value – Mugs offer great value in more ways than just money. They serve considerably more purposes than only serving drinks. A mug can be used to measure flour or other ingredients for cooking, as well as to store pens and paintbrushes.

    You can find a coffee mug for any occasion you can think of. You’ll undoubtedly discover a variety of options, whether you need one to keep your coffee warm on a camping trip or a chilled mug to bring to work. In spite of a mug’s numerous purposes, what matters most when presenting one as a gift to someone else or to oneself is the symbolism that goes along with it. Mugs are excellent gifts for close friends, family members, and acquaintances. They are ideal for all situations, most age groups, and both sexes. 

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