Day 2 of 30 days of truth & the migraine from hell!

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself- One thing I love about myself is that I still like to get dressed up & look good for my husband. And not only that, I just like looking my best most of the time in general. I pride myself on not being the typical frumpy stay at home mom who wears holey sweats and has a ratty bun and doesn’t ever wear makeup or do her nails. (And please, this isn’t meant to make anyone reading this feel bad about themselves or anything, this is just my personal opinion). From a young age I remember thinking to myself that I never wanted to be that mom. Sure I have my days where I’m extremely tired or I’m PMSing or something and I just want to have a lazy day in my pjs. But for me, those days are few and far between. Part of it is a self esteem thing for myself. I found that when I was a young mom at home by myself with a newborn I felt better when I put makeup on and got dressed. The days where I didn’t do this I usually felt like crap and had a bad day. Admit it…we all enjoy looking in the mirror and actually liking what we see, right? And doesn’t your husband/boyfriend/significant other love it when he comes home and sees you all dolled up with your hair curled and a cute little outfit on or something? Mine sure does, and he’s always telling me how much he appreciates that I care about that kind of stuff. I like looking good for him and for myself. Some women use the excuse that they don’t have enough time to put much effort into how they look. Ok, I get that. We’re all busy. Maybe I’m not the busiest mom in the world and I’m sure a lot of moms have their hands a lot fuller than mine. But I have 2 kids and a husband who does not lift a finger around the house, and somehow I still find the 30 minutes or less that it takes for me to do my makeup (foundation, concealer, brows, shadow, liner, mascara, blush, etc…I wear a lot of makeup, ok? haha). I usually do something with my hair, whether it’s flat ironing it really quicly or throwing some curls in with my flat iron, and then I slip into some jeans or leggings and a cute tee or blouse. Some days (when my kids are behaving exceptionally well) I spend more time on this just for fun to look extra glamorous, and some days (when I’m in a hurry) I spend less time on my face to run out and pick up some eggs and bread. Either way I can pretty much guarantee that you will never see me out and about completely makeup free and without real clothes on. (and my rant on wearing pjs in public will have to be saved for another blog!) Hello…this is the woman who put on concealer, bronzer, brows, and mascara before going in for back surgery at 7am!
So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is I love that I enjoy looking good for myself & for the sake of everyone else’s eyes! hehe. Call me shallow or vain, but that’s how I feel. I can’t help it!

So, on to the migraine thing. I had one for most of the day yesterday and I woke up with one today as well. Nothing has worked to get rid of it and about 10 minutes ago I was puking my guts out in the toilet because I’d been fighting off a horrible wave of nausea for the last 3 hours. I feel a little better now and I’m snacking on some pretzels (which actually taste delicious…I’m starving!) I need to feel better because tonight is family night and we are ordering the UFC fight on PPV and my Shayne is picking up some delicious barbecue food for dinner from Famous Dave’s. I haven’t had a “real” meal all week since my surgery and if I could just get over this migraine and nausea I would love to devour one of their famous trashcan lids full of delicious barbecued meats. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can participate in this feast! Also, I don’t know who we are rooting for in the big fight. My husband loves UFC and I just like watching it with him, so whoever he likes, I hope he wins!