Ideas for an Inexpensive but Great Date Night


    “Love don’t cost a thing,” as a line from a pop song says. Showing love for your spouse or significant other doesn’t always have to mean splashing out big on every date, even if that exceeds your budget.

    While we would all love to treat our loved ones with luxury gifts and fancy dinners, that’s the kind of lifestyle that most of us could only dream of. Fortunately, there many other excellent options that are friendly for your pocket while still giving you a fun-filled and memorable night for you and your date. Some of these date night suggestions are even free!

    a couple having a selfie while eating shawarma

    Try a new food truck

    If you and your significant other love to explore new towns and cities, you’d probably have no problem trying out street eats. Food trucks are a great way to eat fantastic food for less while walking around a new neighborhood.

    Go hiking

    You don’t have to be outdoorsy to explore and enjoy nature. Hiking or walking trails can be a fun way to spend time together. And who knows, as you tread on a steep or rocky trail, you may discover something new about each other that you’ve never known before!

    Hang out at the coffee shop

    Grab a cup of coffee (or green tea, smoothie, or chai latte) and hang out with your significant other at your favorite coffee shop. This activity is especially perfect when you feel like you have a lot of catching up to do, have something important to discuss about, or draw up some exciting plans together.

    Whip up new dishes and have a dinner date at home

    Do you want to copy that beef Wellington and pavlovas from your last fancy date? Was there a recipe on Pinterest that caught your eye? Well, why don’t you try recreating those dishes in your kitchen? It’s always fun and rewarding when you create things together. Then light up some candles, pop a bottle of red Cabernet, put on some bossa nova as background music, and voila! A “fancy” dinner date at home that you will never forget.

    a hand holding TV remote control

    Have a movie date night at home

    Grab a bag of popcorn from the microwave, open a couple of sodas, and watch your old favorite flicks or select some latest movies from Netflix or Plex. Make your date more special with a different and fun snack that you wouldn’t usually splurge on.

    Have a picnic

    Having a picnic is a simple but fun way to hang out together. Whether you go for the classic outdoor picnic or spread a blanket outside your home’s balcony, a picnic is a great way to break the usual routine in a cheap way.

    Visit a museum or any tourist attraction for free

    Many museums and other attractions offer free or discounted daytime or evening admissions where they allow anyone to visit for free or for a smaller fee. Check to see which tourist spots in your area offer free entries to discover and enjoy some local culture with your loved one.

    woman selecting beaded jewelry

    Browse at a flea market, an antique store, or a thrift shop

    You never know when you’ll find your next one-of-a-kind décor or furniture piece, so spend a few hours browsing unique items in a flea market, antique store, or thrift shop. There’s a good chance that you’ll find some quirky clothing options there as well. 

    Go bowling

    Sure, those bowling shoes may suck. But trying to hit a strike at your local bowling alley is a great way to spend time together. You’ll have a gloriously fun time, with some hearty laughs, and a little competition wouldn’t hurt.

    Volunteer together

    If you and your significant other possess a heart of gold, use your date time by doing something more meaningful. Visit a homeless shelter, a home for the aged, or an animal shelter to donate or do volunteer work together. It’s pretty amazing how helping others can bring the two of you closer than ever.

    Reminisce and celebrate the day you first met, started dating, or got married

    Do you remember where you and your significant other first met? Perhaps you would like to revisit the old diner where you first laid eyes on each other or had your first date together. Or take a trip down memory lane by re-watching old movies that you first saw together or listening to songs that became big chart hits back in the day. It would be hard not to let those sweet memories come flooding back!


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