Creative Ideas for Holiday Dinnerware sets


    The holidays are the best time of the year. Family members who have not seen each other for a long time catch up. The children get to bond over toys or favorite TV shows and forge lifelong friendships. Maybe a new significant other is introduced to the family, or a friend visits. Presents are unwrapped, and photo albums are opened. Of course, everyone’s favorite part is dinner!

    Delicious, tasty food on the dinner table is often the highlight of holiday gatherings, especially if homemade recipes passed down from generations are used! But an essential part of these dishes is presentation! Other than the special plating of the food and the inherent mouthwatering appearance of the delectables, one way to make food look even more appetizing is through the dinnerware used.

    Through this article, we hope you can gain insights and tap into your creativity to find many ways to spice up your food presentation by maximizing dinnerware and cutlery!

    Things to Consider

    1. Number of People Invited


    How big is the gathering you are preparing for regarding the people you expect to arrive at your home? Is this an intimate celebration among the father, mother, and children? Will grandmother and grandfather grace the event? Are the aunts, uncles, and cousins coming along? By setting an expectation of how many people you think are coming to the event, you can estimate how much dinnerware you need.

    2. Food You Plan to Serve

    It is essential to choose dinnerware appropriate for the food you will serve. For example, there should be good steak knives if you plan on having steak. If spreading butter on some of the food is an option you wish to offer your guests, then you must have a butter knife. It is a given that bowls should be provided if you will be serving soups. If there’s dessert, a separate smaller plate or bowl and cutlery are often needed to avoid mixing the main course with dessert.

    3. If Children are Invited


    Most often, children prefer their food separated from each other. This is why their plates usually come with divisions in school cafeterias to prevent food mixing and aid in food identification. You may want to consider this type of plate if young guests are arriving. Additionally, if food needs to be sliced, you can request the adults to pre-slice the food or subtract the extra effort by providing them with kid-safe knives. 

    Another thing you can do is to use cartoon character-themed dinnerware or those in funky shapes such as a crescent, heart, star, or flower! Fun ideas like this can increase the child’s appetite and overall satisfaction.

    4. Different Types of Dinnerware

    If you’re fond of watching shows featuring regal celebrations or wealthy families who live in luxury, then you are probably familiar with what their dinner table resembles. They often have different sizes of knives, forks, spoons, and plates – all serving a specific purpose. Channel the royal family vibes by familiarizing yourself with the functions of these different-sized and shaped dinner items and their differences. 

    For example, salad forks or pastry forks differ from regular dinner forks due to their wide left line and notch, allowing for better slicing pieces. There are also cocktail forks, which have three narrow tines. People use these forks for picking shrimp in a shrimp cocktail. It can also be utilized for removing the tail or claw meat of a lobster dish!

    Dinnerware Design Ideas

    1. Christmas-themed Dinnerware

    If the celebration you are preparing for is specifically Christmas, you should get dinnerware matching this holiday! Many symbols throughout history have been used to represent Christmas. 

    Get in the yuletide season by purchasing dinnerware with designs on the plate such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer (like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!), snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas caroling, mistletoes, or any Christmas scenario!

    If your family has a favorite Christmas film, you might be able to find dinnerware featuring that cinematic masterpiece. Some plates have words on the center, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Ho! Ho! Ho!” that will surely make finishing the dish a fun task. 

    2. Thanksgiving-themed Dinnerware


    Because thanksgiving falls in autumn or the fall season, the design would usually be golden brown or warm-colored leaves. But there are also other options, such as ones with a turkey as its primary design or the cornucopia.

    The cornucopia is an iconic symbol of thanksgiving because this celebration was meant to be thankful for a bountiful harvest. This symbol, which is a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, grains, and fruits, shows that.

    Some people also relate thanksgiving to pumpkins because it is an autumn fruit. For the Native Americans, it is a “Life-Giving Son” and a representation of man’s personal power.

    3. Plaid-designed Dinnerware

    If you’re not too open to the idea of significant symbols and characters, you can go for a more straightforward but exciting design, such as plaids. A red and green bordered plaid design imparts holiday vibes but, at the same time, does not do so in a very literal and loud way. If there are gold embellishes, accents, and lines, it will make the design look even more special!

    5. Floral-designed Dinnerware


    You can never go wrong with flowers! They are beautiful and captivating. They don’t necessarily need a specific season unless you’re going for tropical flowers, which are perfect for the holidays situated during the summer season. These are perfect for springtime holidays. You can also purchase plates with an ethnic blue design since these are commonly found in the market.

    5. Polygonal-shaped Dinnerware


    Want to mix things up and be unique with your presentation? Then skip the conventional circular-shaped plates and go for those with edges and corners! You can go for a rectangular or square-shaped one to be on the safer side, but if you want to go beyond, there are plates with five sides and even eight sides! 

    6. Gold or Silver-accented Dinnerware

    If you prefer minimalism above all else but don’t want to be too dull, you can go for Dinnerware with some gold or silver accents. It’s a simple touch to regular dinnerware but goes a long way toward ridding yourself of complete simplicity. 

    With these creative ideas and insightful information, we’re sure you have something in mind all ready for your holiday celebrations! Eat, drink, and be merry! The holidays don’t happen daily, so make the most of it!

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