Cute and Cozy Winter Fashion Ideas


    Winter is cute in theory, but not so much in real life. Of course, the idea of cozying up to a cup of hot cocoa, twinkling lights, and snow flurries are great – but sometimes the below-zero temperatures, slippery ice, and having to shovel up some snow from your car in the morning doesn’t feel cozy.

    Few things are more unbearable than dressing for a frigid winter morning, and it’s easy to slip into the same pieces you’ve been wearing all season. But thank goodness – the fashion gods no longer forgo comfort for style, but instead, they found a way to make both a priority. Because of that, you can still prove that you can look cute and cozy even when the temperature is below zero.

    Read ahead for fashion ideas for winter that can make you cute on the outside and cozy on the inside:

    1. Plaid coat + turtleneck sweater + trousers + sneakers

    Mix high and low fashion with this cute winter outfit. Pair your cozy, plaid coat with a comfy, turtleneck sweater. Elevate the look by pairing it with plain trousers that you probably wear to work for an overall luxe look. But keep it a bit casual by pairing it with white sneakers. Don’t forget to wear your warmest sock underneath to keep your feet warm. Layer it by using a plaid pashmina scarf to complete the look.

    2. Quilted jacket + scarf + jeans + OTK boots

    Quilted jackets can be thick, but they do not make you look frumpy like a big, puffy coat. Once you find the jacket that fits right on your body, you’ll look chic and fabulous while staying warm. Layer up underneath by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, turtleneck, sweater, or vest – or even all of them if it’s really cold – then wear your quilted jacket. Pair it with jeans and accessorize with a warm, statement scarf. Cute beanies with a little pompom on top and a matching pair of mittens will work well with this outfit. Finally, pair it with your comfy over-the-knee boots for extra warmth and style.

    3. Dressy coat + graphic T-shirt + gingham skirt + leather boots

    If you’re going to a holiday party and a sparkly dress isn’t your vibe, you can still look like you’re ready to party while keeping yourself warm. Get into the spirit by rocking a red or green gingham skirt and pair it with a graphic t-shirt. Then, wear a dressy coat and some knee-high leather boots that can elevate any outfit you wear. Don’t forget to wear the sparkly jewels that you don’t wear during typical days.

    4. Puffer jacket + white bodysuit + faux leather trousers + platform derby shoes

    Looking for an it-girl-approved outfit that is actually warm? The North Face retro puffer jacket from the ‘90s has made a comeback – thanks to Kendal Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, who wore this jacket in various colorways. You don’t have to worry about puffer jackets making you look like you borrowed them from your dad anymore. Not only has it gathered approval from the cool girls, but it’s also actually warm and cozy! Pair it with some faux black leather trousers and a white bodysuit. Finish off your cool-girl look with some hot accessories like platform derby shoes, a leather pouch, and a baseball hat – preferably matching the color of your puffer jacket.

    5. Sweater + wool coat + faux fur + OTK boots

    A wool coat is a timeless piece of fashion that you can wear for many winters to come. Plus, it dresses up any outfit! A wool coat in a light, neutral color can make you look dressed up while steering away from the quintessential black coats that are all around during the winter. Wear a warm, knit sweater underneath and layer it with a faux fur scarf.  Then, wear some skinny jeans and layer them up with your comfy, over-the-knee boots.

    6. Fringe jacket + white blouse + jeans + suede boots

    Suppose you want to channel your country girl side, sport a nice fringe jacket that can give you just the right warmth. It’s great for those who live in places with a mild winter climate. Let the fringe jacket shine by pairing it with a classic white button-down blouse, jeans, and knee-high suede boots. Elevate the look by wearing gold hoop earrings and a quilted leather purse with a gold chain strap.

    7. Sweatsuit + moto jacket + sneakers

    Sweatsuits aren’t going anywhere, and if you didn’t already know, they’re not just for wearing at the gym. Embrace them during the winter season by sporting a simple white sweatsuit as a base for your outfit, then layer an oversized leather moto jacket. Pile on the necklaces and throw in some cool kicks in white or black. Top it off with a beanie for added warmth. Add a pop of color by using a Balenciaga city bag in a bold hue, like neon yellow or hot pink. This bag is back in fashion, so dig out yours from storage!

    8. Teddy bear coat + cozy sweater + boyfriend jeans + mules

    Getting out of bed to go to a night out during the winter is tough. But sometimes, figuring out a nighttime outfit that is fun is even tougher. Here’s an idea to save your night: embellish your current sweater. Wear a cool-colored sweater – probably in the likes of blue and green – and wear some crystal embellishments like a choker and some dangling crystal earrings. Wear matching dressy, heeled mules that go with the color of your sweater, and complete the look with boyfriend jeans and a fluffy teddy bear coat to keep you warm and looking chic.

    9. Bomber jacket + graphic t-shirt + leather trousers + sneakers

    If you hate being cold and you want to look effortlessly in style, here’s the ultimate winter outfit for you. Wear a white graphic shirt and pair it with a black bomber jacket. Then, dress it up using your pants – go for faux leather trousers instead of jeans. The thick fabric of the pants will keep away the wind chill while making you look crazy chic. Then, tone it down with gym sneakers that share a hue from anywhere in your outfit.

    10. Puffer jacket + black sweater + black leather pants + snow boots

    If you happen to have colored snow boots that match your winter jacket (a.k.a. the fluffy, puffer jacket), wear them together! Go simple with the rest of your outfit – a black slim-fit sweater and black, fitting leather pants give off that sexy effect – to balance the bulk of the puffer jacket and to give your statement pieces a starring role.

    11. Floor-length trench coat + vertical striped blouse + high waist trousers + ankle boots

    Vertical striped-blouse paired with high-waist trousers and topped with a floor-grazing trench coat can give the illusion of legs for days. Plus points if your trench coat has a velvety texture for extra warmth and glam. Finish the look with a leather belt that matches the color of your trench coat and ankle boots to keep the look of long lines going on.

    12. Faux leather dress + leather OTK boots + faux shearling trench coat

    Strut your high fashion sense in your beautiful city by wearing a faux leather dress. There’s no other season to wear that dress but in the colder months, right! Layer it with a fluffy, faux shearling trench coat and pair it with over-the-knee leather boots. Top it off with a beret that matches the color of your boots to make you look like a Parisian chic!


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