A couple of quick things

Hey guys! It’s Friday…are you excited?!
Me neither. My husband works looooong hours for the next couple of days, so I dread Fridays.
I just had a couple of things on my mind that I wanted to talk about.
First off, did you watch Grey’s Anatomy last night?! Holy Santa Claus shit! It was a biggie. Someone died & I’m sad. I guess I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet…plus it’s too early to talk about it for me…I’m not ready. (sarcastic…I’m not that obsessed…right…) Plus they left us at a ginormous cliffhanger at the very end. More than a few people’s lives & careers are on the line at Seattle Grace/Mercy Death (as Christina called it) next season.
I made a Facebook page for my blog! I figured it was a good way to lure readers who aren’t bloggers to my blog. So go “like” it here and you can stay up to date on all my crafty stuff and random life crap.
Also, it’s a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. Even though we own the movies and can pretty much recite them word for word me & the kids always watch it when it’s on. Basically the tv just stays on that channel all weekend. We just watched The Chamber of Secrets & now The Prizoner of Azkaban is on. (we missed The Sorcerer’s Stone). Tomorrow we will start over & watch them all again I’m sure and then pick up with The Goblet of Fire, and so on. So basically we will watch the first couple of ones like 5 times. And my kids will love it! Remember this post here when I had to scold Ayden for doing the killing curse on his little sister?!
Welp, that’s it. Hope you guys have a good weekend. I’m trying to find some motivation to start a quilt but I’m feeling pretty lazy. Hopefully tomorrow!