Cool Water Toys


When it’s summertime, everyone likes playing in the water. Whether it’s at the beach, the lake, or your personal swimming pool, a body of water is the perfect way to cool off and get some exercise. With some cool water toys, though, you could have even more fun and make lasting memories. Check out the following items for some of the best water toys on the market today:

Three Person Slip-N-Slide


Three Person Slip-N-Slide


With this slip-n-slide, you can hold races among three people on a summer day. This competition will keep everyone cool and active, ensuring that you have the best day out. The broad track is slick with flowing water, with a small pool collecting at its end for you to splash in at the end. this way, the slide is extremely fun and safe as well.

The inflatable launch pad is another safety feature so you can be sure of having a smooth landing. While you can install the slide yourself, do watch the instructional video available online beforehand.


75 Foot Water Slide


75 Foot Water Slide


This water slide measure no less than a huge 75 feet. It’s the perfect setup for a day out on a lake or the beach. It could be a bit overwhelming to handle, but great fun once you get it set up. This could take as little as 15 minutes, with the YouTube video helping along.

The mat is 75 feet long and 12 feet wide, making for a huge surface so that everyone can get on. The surface is made of smooth UV-protected plastic so that you may have a smooth launch. This slide is excellent for birthday parties or family picnics alike. Each square foot can hold around 256 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking or breaking.


Hydrofoil Wakeboard


Hydrofoil Wakeboard


You can have a smooth ride on water at any time with this hydrofoil wakeboard. The hydrofoil in this device can lift you over the surface and ensure that you get a fun, consistent ride even when the water’s a bit choppy.

This wakeboard will provide an exciting challenge as well as the sensation of flying without risking yourself. You can also opt for lower speeds if you’re just getting the hang of it. The board is easy to master as long as you practice enough, though. You can also be the star of the beach as you make your own waterway no matter what the weather is like.


Inflatable Motorized Stingray Water Board


Inflatable Motorized Stingray Water Board


With this board, you can have fun sailing without the effect of paddling. It’s equipped with a 12-volt battery that fits neatly inside, enabling easy storage as well. The capacity for this board is 200 pounds, with a 6-inch PVC layer at the bottom to provide more durability.

There are five speeds for forward movements on this board, with three speeds when going in reverse. The head controller is also adjustable, so you can tilt and control the board as you like. It’s so easy to operate that even kids could probably do it without any issue. Since they’d be riding on water, you don’t have to be afraid of them falling down on a hard surface.

Kitesurfing Kite


If you’d like the explore the surrounding areas in a different and non-exhausting manner, this kite is the perfect way to go about it. This is built for air travel and makes precise handling quite easily. Once you strap it on, you can seemingly fly across the whole beach or over the lake while being the envy of those on the ground.

User reviews have reported that this kite enables us to freestyle more easily than other kinds. The construction is also durable and long-lasting, providing lift without the worry of breaking or falling apart.


Inflatable Water Park

You can add a new twist to your kid’s birthday party by installing this fun, inflatable water park in your pool or any nearby water body. Its unique feature is an air blower, which would spray water on the kids while they’re playing. Not only does this add a new element of fun, but it would also keep them cool and safe in the hot sun.

Each seam on this inflatable device is double-stitched for extra strength and durability. The PVC tarpaulin and 420D nylon will make sure that no amount of bouncing or jumping becomes dangerous. You can get the whole thing inflated within two minutes, but make sure to keep the blower running when the float’s in use.

Sometimes, you just need to use the water for relaxing purposes. If this is the case, you should invest in the huge floating island that can accommodate up to six people at a time. This island is specially made for lying back and resting up.

There are large pillow backrests included here, along with a sunshade that you can remove if not needed.  There’s also a cooler bag included, so you can take along all the drinks, water, and ice you’d need. With six cup holders and a mesh bottom keeping everyone cool, this island is just what the doctor ordered after an exhausting week.


Island Tube

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, this Island Tube can help you fulfill that desire. It has enough space for four people to sit while they navigate the rapids. The sturdy construction with coil beams will also keep everyone safe, along with the two air chambers.

You’d also be comfortable when riding in this tube, as there are three comfy cushions for backrests and an open bottom so you can dip your feet in the water. The handles are heavy-duty, so you can hold on without worrying when the ride seems too rough.  There are also two inbuilt coolers for taking some drinks and snacks along.


Saddle Float


This is a minimalistic option for sitting on any water surface and floating safely. It might seem a bit strange at first, but user reviews have stated that it’s actually the most in-demand pool float. Available in orange, blue, and red, this heavyweight float will help to keep your arms and legs free. This is great for when you just want to relax in the water without constantly moving to stay afloat.

The material of this float is thick, closed cell foam. It might seem small, but it can support a person f 99 k or 220 pounds. You don’t even have to balance on it. Simply sit down as you would on a bicycle seat and enjoy the water without stressing out.

Maui Mat

When a large group of friends or a family wants to relax on the water together, a huge water recreation mat is the perfect solution. This way, everyone can cool off, relax, or have an on-water playground.

There are different sizes available for this mat, so you can pick and choose according to your preferences. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get a buoyant, durable, and easily portable mat that would last several summers.

The water toys above are all excellent ideas for the summer, but the best one depends on your requirements. If you’re throwing a party, the 75-feet water slide might be in order. If you’re just looking for some individualized fun on the water, the Hydrofoil Wakeboard would be a fun investment.