Cool Science Products


Many children are naturally curious. They love to know how things work and want to see that by themselves. As a result, they love to experiment anything and everything under the sun, even if that means creating an ungodly mess! But let your children unleash the inner scientist in them, and further flourish their curiosity and love for experimenting with these awesome following products:

Crystal Growing Kit


Crystal Growing Kit


Want to know how these dazzling crystals develop? With this kit you will be able to actually form and grow your own crystals in four forms: potassium alum sulfate, sodium acetate, plaster and sodium sulfate. This kit makes a good, easy and safe hands-on introduction to your kids about the crystallization and the chemical composition of crystals.

Mold your own crystals and geodes, use dye tablets to add colors and turn your crystals into many shapes and sizes of your own choice.


The Chaos Machine




This 56-piece science kit is a great introduction to the idea and concept that make up the “chaos theory.” Educational and fun at the same time, kids will get to build this kit and see how these seven pendulums move and swing erratically at the same time! This kit is made of high-quality materials for durability, and is guaranteed safe particularly for children.

This kit helps in sharpening your kids’ motor skills, problem solving and spatial reasoning. There is an instruction kit that guides you how to build a “chaos machine” or you can build one by yourself.


Viewable Root Garden


Viewable Root Garden


This toy and science kit is a great way to introduce your kids into gardening, botany or olericulture. Watch root crops like onions, carrots and beets grow underground! It includes everything you need to start your own viewable mini-garden: a durable acrylic window, a basin, a drainage reservoir, a light shield, eight special ever-expanding growth wafers, three packs of seeds, seed identification labels and a 16-page booklet of instructions.

Train your future scientist at an early age by giving them these cool science products.