Cool Power Solutions


People always carry their gadgets with them wherever they go. However, there are no outlets available anywhere every time the battery of your device drains out. With the advanced technology, people can now charge without outlets through power banks. Check out these cool power solutions.

Pokeball Power Bank


pokemon charger-jpeg


By using this Pokeball power bank, you can now haunt Pokemon around the clock by keeping your smartphone juiced up. This geeky power bank is small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and it also comes with built-in light indicators for easy monitoring.


Solar Powered Charging Hat


Solar Powered Charging Hat


With this solar powered charging hat, you can extend the life of your devices while you’re out on the go. This charging hat is available in a range of vibrant color schemes, and it also has a visor which comes outfitted with solar cells which lets you charge your devices by plugging them into the back of the cap.


World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case


World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case


Might this be the thinnest phone charger ever? Equipped with an incredibly powerful 2400 mAh capacity, this slim buddy can provide an extra battery life to your iPhone without the extra unnecessary weight or bulk. Recharging your iPhone to this thin charger will provide you 10 additional hours of talk time or seven extra hours of browsing.


Disposable Smartphone Pocket Charger




This disposable pocket charger is especially good for emergency situations when you are unable to find a wall outlet nearby. It comes pre-charged right out of the box and effortlessly plugs into any types of devices and their own models. Plug it in once or intermittently to make that all-important phone call, SMS or browsing for up to five hours.


Ultra Light Solar Charger


Ultra Light Solar Charger


This portable solar charger is so light (weighing only 0.6 pounds), but it has six watts — enough power to juice up your devices in almost the similar rate as a wall outlet does! Perfect especially for outdoor activities.


GreenLighting 6000 mAh Solar Powered Phone Charger 




Commuting or flying for long hours and you have forgotten to charge your phone? No problem with this nifty solar-powered window phone charger. Using it will keep your phone alive during these long, arduous trips. It is equipped with an internal 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery which keep your phone charged up to four hours, and also a suction cup to easily attach it on windows or any glassy surface.


Charging Leather Wallet


Charging Leather Wallet


This is not your ordinary leather wallet. Aside from keeping your cash, cards and other small valuables, this leather wallet encases an incredibly compact 2400 mAh charger which allows you to re-charge your devices while you’re out on the road.


Ravean Men’s Down Heated Jacket | Lightweight Water Resistant Jacket


Ravean Men's Down Heated Jacket


You will definitely love this heated jacket for it does two things: to keep you warm *and* to charge your devices! This water-resistant jacket features three heated modes which you can control with a touch of a button. With the temperature ranging from -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this jacket keeps you warm and comfy all day long while you’re out in the cold.


Wireless Charging Pad


Wireless Charging Pad


This stylish wireless charger will eliminate the burden of struggling with tangled charger cables, finding for lost chargers or searching for power outlets. Charge any of your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones or any Qi-compatible smartphone or tablet models. It uses Qi-inductive technology which does away the need of charging devices using USB cables.


AoLiPlus 6.6 FT Longer LED Charging Cable 


LED cable charger


By using this LED charging cable, you can witness the flow of electricity as you charge your device. This charging cable features a hypnotizing flowing blue LED which activates as your device charges, which ensures that your phone always remain visible.


The Portable Solar Panel




Out camping or at the beach but you cannot find an outlet to re-charge your devices? This flower-shaped portable solar panel will answer to your charging needs when you’re out on the road. Each of the eight “petals” has six solar panels. This waterproof solar panel can be fitted in a roof, beach umbrella or even laid in the ground directly under the sun. In case sunlight is insufficient, the 15 watt/hour lithium-ion battery will provide supplementary power. It charges up to two devices at once.


Keep your device from getting drained out and at the same time have fun while using your power charges with these cool power solutions.