Cool Musical Products


Music lovers all over the world are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite tunes. There are several products that allow you to take your music on the go, enjoy it to the utmost, and also help to play it in the best manner possible.

If you’re a music enthusiast or know someone who is, the following items might be of interest. These musical products would make great gifts or investments for your musical experiences:

Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar


Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar


Any beginner can easily learn on this 3-string electric guitar and quickly move to new levels of musical ability. This guitar is made of real wood and has a simplistic design. The narrow neck makes it especially easier for kids to hold and use the instrument for playing chords.

Young music lovers would also be delighted by the screaming pickup and the excellent performance. While this instrument comes in pieces and needs assembling, many users have affirmed that’s actually more enjoyable to make your own guitar.

If both kids and parents love making music, this purchase could help foster a lasting bond between them. The included Loog iOS app would also get you several video lessons to start off this musical journey.


Air Drumming Percussion Instrument


Air Drumming Percussion InstrumentThis percussion instrument would let you practice your technique without disturbing the neighbors. It would easily connect with both Apple and Windows operating system. Plus, it’s a portable option that you can take with you on the go.

With this device, you’ll get a high-speed motion-capture camera as well. When you use it with headphones, there’d be absolutely no noise filtering out to disturb anyone. It’s also small enough to fit in a backpack while still leaving room for other essentials, such as a laptop.

The small and compact nature of this drumming instrument doesn’t compromise on sound quality. It uses more than 1 GB of high-quality drum sound samples. It’s also MIDI compatible, so there shouldn’t be any difficulty in setting it up. On the downside, however, these aren’t meant for use out of doors in the daylight.


Roll Up Electronic Drum Kit




Developing your drumming skills can be a bit tricky. A drum set is usually bulky, with the sounds likely to bother those around you. This electronic drum kit, however, does away with both problems. It can roll up for easy transportation as well as provide you all the sound levels you require.

There are two foot pedals and about nine drum pads included in this kit. This combination makes for a wide range of beats, sounds, and whatever you may expect from an actual drum kit. The overall experience is hence similar to non-electric drums. The drum pads include the sound of a crash cymbal, a snare, a ride symbols, and much more.

With the USB MIDI connection included, any musician can also upload his or her beats on a computer. There are also drumsticks included, so the recipient can get started on drumming right away.


MOV-1 Ceramic Audio System

This audio system provides a treat for both the eyes and the ears. It can connect any device to its Bluetooth technology and play whatever you need to hear. The lithium-ion battery would give you no less than eight hours of music or any other audio from.

The audio played on this device is impressively loud, but its footprint is comparatively small. It has a lovely ceramic casing that also lends a fluid effect to the sound. When placed on your side table or counter, it would present an artistic appearance and can even work as a statement decoration piece.

You can also use the touch control to change sounds, skip tracks, and adjust the volume any way you want. The Peerless drivers from Denmark and the Hands-free CSR Clear Voice Capture will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Zeppelin Air Speakers

If you want to play some music directly from your smartphone or tablet, these Air Speakers would let you stream it. It can even connect to a Mac or PC computer if required, allowing you to use the parent device for a remote control.

The speaker itself presents a very cool, modern look. It uses mid-range driver units that are a bit on the smaller side. The result is a compact device that can still fill the room with the sound of your choice. It would come in handy for any party or an audiophile who wants to immerse themselves in music.

You would find an easy setup for this speaker, as it comes with a free Bowers & Wilkins’ Control app. There’s also a limited warranty of 2 years when you purchase this item from an authorized dealer.

WOWee One Slim Portable Speaker

Large speakers might provide the best surround sound, but sometimes you just need a portable option for enjoying your music on the go. This portable speaker is slim, pocket-sized, and a handy travel companion no matter where you are. It has a patented gel technology that can instantly turn any surface into a base for producing sound.

You can connect this speaker to your tablet or smartphone, then enjoy the crisp sounds from both sides. It can last for around 20 hours on one charge, which should be more than enough for a hiking trail, a road trip, or a few days of any other form of travel. If you want to plug in your headphones for a private listening experience, the standard headphone jack allows this as well.

It’s important to be careful about where you place this speaker, though. It would work well with counters, floors, and walls for the most part. However, a glossy photo might cause the gel to stick to the base.

Sculpted Eers – Custom Molded Earphones

Earphones, headphones, and earbuds are all essential items for a music lover of today. The downside of these devices is that they can be a tough fit, especially for those with odd-shaped ears or ear-holes. However, if you can wait a few minutes, the technology research company Sonomax has come up with l self-molding earphones. These are a lubricated option that allows silicone to move from the cartridge to the earbuds themselves. They will then dry out, leaving a comfortable immersive experience for you to enjoy your music.

You’ll get a tuned dynamic speaker with an excellent response through these sculpted earphones. The speaker box is a patented variety that would get you very high sound quality. Overall, this is an investment for those music lovers who are always on the go and can’t afford to have their earbuds popping out. However, there have been some complaints of this device not producing a proper level of bass. If this is important to you and the genre you listen to, these earbuds may not be the best bet.

Zipbuds – Tangle-Resistant Earbuds

Earphone cords have a frustrating habit of getting into improbable tangles. Untangling them every time you want to listen to some auto can be quite a nuisance. This is why these Zipbuds are such a great idea for anyone who loves listening to music, podcasts, or any other kind of soundtrack.

These earbuds work by having a  zipper wire integrated into their system. The wires themselves are made from a durable cabling that’s reinforced by Kevlar. The ComfortFit2 technology would ensure that the bud remains in your ear even when you’re working out, running, or dancing. Plus, the vertebrae design gives you a lightweight flexibility.

The audio performance of these earbuds also leaves little to be desired. There’s a powerful bass, clear highs, and a crisp sound that would suit any music genre. With the 10 MM drivers and their precision tuning, you’d be sure to hear each note every time.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

The Soundsticks have an excellent design, even having their own space in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. These are a 40-watt, 3-piece speaker system that gives you a quality stereo sound in a beautiful package. There’s Touch Volume Control included, which allows you to adjust the volume with a single swipe. The system would remember your latest volume setting so you won’t have to find it again.

The audio performance of these Soundsticks is also excellent, with a sub-woofer providing clean, low bass.  If you have a home with modern decor, these speakers are sure to fit right in. There’s also a mini stereo jack connection, which allows you to play audio from several devices. You can hook up almost any computer, digital music player, or stereo to this system and enjoy the clear sound at any time.

Portable Turntable

Many people still have collections of vinyl records and enjoy a vintage listening experience. With this portable turntable, you can play your vinyl records wherever you go. The music played would have a deep sound and clarity that many speakers can’t beat.

With this item, you get to combine modern technology and vintage enjoyment. The turntable comes in a suitcase design that you may carry to parties, picnics, or to a friend’s house.

You can choose from 33, 45, and 78 PRM speeds. If you just want to play music without the records, the Bluetooth feature would allow you to enjoy any music you feel like. If you have trouble falling asleep, you may use this turntable to produce a soothing white noise to combat the issue. Turn on the Autostop feature which would stop the platter after the record’s done.

The musical accessories above would make excellent gifts for anyone who loves music. The best choice would depend on how you or the person you are buying for would like to enjoy their music.  Have fun shopping!