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    The sun is out, the skies are clear – you can vividly see the mountains you’ve occasionally watched during the busy hours of the week. It seems like the perfect weekend to bask under the clear sunny skies and to unwind and rest under the starry night! True enough, camping can give you both of these experiences, may it be during the day or night. 

    Let’s Go Camping!

    Glowing yellow tent and a bonfire surrounded by campers under a starry night sky

    While a camping trip seems like the best itinerary to take during the weekend, it takes more than scouting Instagram-worthy spots and watching movies about camping to prepare for this trip! Needless to say – campers need to be well-prepared, whether it’s your campground, Wild Willy Hot Springs, or your own backyard that you’re going to explore! 

    We’ve heard of the common conception that camping must be uncomfortable to be fun. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be an experience of hardship, mosquito bites, and broken bones (fingers crossed!). With the right camping gear and accessories, you can have the coolest camping experience immersed in nature during the day and warm nights under the stars without sacrificing the quality of your rest! Remember that the coolest camping accessories should still be useful and practical.

    When planning for your next camping trip, here’s the perfect list of camping accessories we’ve curated for you:

    Cool Camping Accessories:

    Sleeping Bag

    Low section of sleeping bags covering the bodies of campers while overlooking the mountain top

    Having a good night’s rest is perhaps the most important part of your camping experience! No matter how difficult the day trip will be, the number of falls it would take to reach the destination, or the obstacles you’d have to encounter – all of these could wash away by cozying up in a great resting spot. It’s a great idea to have a sleeping bag with you to keep you warm and comfortable amid the cold breeze! Unlike the bedding you’d have to carry in your tent, you can use this sleeping bag to keep you extra warm without needing heavy linen in your backpack. And if it ever gets warm, you can unzip the side and adjust it to your liking! 

    Camping Chair

    Couple sitting in camping chairs looking at the sunset view over the mountain rivers

    If you’ve spent the majority of the day walking and hiking, the best way to end the afternoon is through a comfortable seat overlooking the sunset over the mountain view. A lightweight camping chair to slouch over is one of the coolest things throughout the trip! Aside from being easy to set up, it can also give you the quick recharge you need. When you’re tired during the hike, you can take 5 minutes to rest in your portable camping chair and appreciate the nature you are surrounded with. 

    Camp Stove

    Low section of friends preparing breakfast around a stove on the campground

    Having the best access to well-cooked meals is one of the enjoyable parts of the trip! Munching on barbecue while enjoying the view of nature is an experience that can’t be traded for anything else. A camp stove that gives you smokeless and gasless flames doesn’t excite the adventurous side in you? While creating a campfire made of sticks and twigs sounds dashing, this experience doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with well-cooked food! While you fill your eyes with magical views, you can fill your tummies with great meals to keep you going. 


    Nothing beats the smell of freshly-brewed coffee when you’re outdoors. If you’re brewing up coffee for your fellow adventurers, a thermos might come in handy, especially when it’s shatter-resistant and portable! A nice cup of coffee is more than enough to get your day started, especially when a picturesque view and good company surround you. You can keep your hot coffee no matter where you go. If you’re not much of a coffee lover, you may still find this useful for storing cold water or warm soup you can consume during the trip!

    First Aid Kit

    When you’re out in the woods without any nearby health center, you may find a first aid kit to be one of the most important tools to bring. On an outdoor trip such as camping, it’s inevitable to have a few cuts and scratches while climbing and strolling. With all the unexpected obstacles you can encounter during a day’s trip, having all the must-have basics proves to be useful and practical. Most importantly, it’s best to have a kit that’s small enough to fit in your backpack! 

    While not exactly cool, this kit is essential, and nothing beats a great camping trip where you go out unscathed and safe!

    Head Lamp

    Glowing tent with fairy lights and a table with a lamp and sweet dinner set-up

    Good lighting is everything when camping- even when it comes to a trip where only the stars bring in luminescence. A great headlamp to bring in the much-needed lighting created the perfect atmosphere with its warm light setting that could work for any environment. You can adjust it to your liking, whether you want a disco mode for an impromptu dance party or a warm mode for an outdoor date under the stars. This cool camping accessory works for any kind of setting or adventure, so make sure to get one for yourself!  

    Dual Charger and Speaker

    Although you might want to take a break from the digital world when going outdoors, it’s a non-negotiable task to bring portable electronic accessories such as chargers and speakers. The cool side of it is that you can have both of them in one portable unit! Having a speaker to blast out the music while cooking up some meat or climbing over some branches is a great function to match with having a charger that can give power to your flashlight, radio, or other gadgets. What works best is having a durable, dustproof, and waterproof unit so it can endure any adventure you’re going to take. 

    More than simply de-stressing, taking a camping trip takes us out of the sedentary lifestyle that takes a toll on us eventually. It challenges us to think innovatively and practically. Lucky for you that you and your friends don’t have to be alone on this trip as you will have trust-worthy camping accessories to ensure you have a great time ahead! So, if you want to give camping a go, you have to go for it! After all, the best way to learn is through taking on adventures. When you finally decide to do so, go ahead and take a look back at this list! 

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