Cool and Useful Alarms and Clocks

Most people find it very challenging to get up in the morning. And since almost one-third of the world’s people don’t get enough sleep, it’s not surprising that many people have trouble getting up in the morning. If you or someone you know has a problem getting up in the morning, a creative alarm clock could help. If you have the right alarm clock, you won’t be tempted to sleep in and be late for work. You’ll be awake and ready to start your day with the right alarm clock.

1. The Hand Grenade Clock: An Early Warning Device

Grenade Clock

Now, here’s an alarm clock that will take more than a quick swat of the wrist to silence. If you want to end the chaos when this clock goes off, you’ll have to toss it like a real grenade. After a bit of sleep, this might be the one thing people look forward to the most. The catch is you might give an early morning flight to a house visitor unfamiliar with the device.

2. Carpet Alarm Clock

Do you want something that will force you to get out of bed in the morning? This idea is like a carpet alarm clock, which will keep ringing until you tread on it with both of your own feet. If you do have children, you could always yell at them to come into your bedroom and stomp on it for you. If you don’t have children, you have another option. However, that seems to be a little bit more challenging.

3. Water-Powered Clock

If you are interested in alternative energy sources, science projects, or quirky objects, this clock would be what you have been looking for. It eliminates the need for batteries or electricity and instead functions only on water, reducing your environmental impact. The clock’s electrons begin converting the ions into energy as soon as the water is added. Electrodes and an internal memory chip in the clock ensure precise timekeeping without frequent resetting. The energy produced is sufficient to keep the clock going for at least three months. Buying this item will not only help the planet, but it will also be quite convenient. However, the clock has no alarm feature, which is a drawback. This watch serves merely as a cosmetic accessory that can be used for precise planning on the go.

4. A Bacon Alarm Clock

Pig Holding an alarm clock, bacon alarm clock

Who doesn’t love bacon and doesn’t despise that awful alarm clock sounds first thing in the morning? If you do, waking up to aromatic bacon and the sound of a pig could change your morning routine. The enticing scent of bacon cooking in the oven is a pleasant way to start the day, reminding you of the Sunday mornings when mom cooks her famous bacon. Just put a frozen bacon strip in your Bacon alarm clock the night before, and it will begin cooking itself 10 minutes before your set alarm goes off in the morning. If you set the alarm for when you usually have breakfast, you’ll be able to wake up to the sound of the notice and already have breakfast prepared. The Bacon alarm clock is an innovative device that will start your day with the aroma of bacon and the sound of a pig. At the designated moment, the Bacon Alarm clock begins to cook your bacon, filling the room with the irresistible aroma and waking you with the piggy sound. 

5. Mobile Alarm Clock

It’s not always simple to wake up and prepare for the day. Even if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this portable alarm clock will motivate you to start moving as soon as it goes off. It runs away from you when it starts ringing, so you must go after it to silence it. If this works, it should be more effective than repeatedly pressing the snooze button to wake you up. The hands of this clock would move to seemingly random locations throughout the room. You can’t possibly guess where it’ll go from here. This clock is not only a colorful and novel approach to waking up, but it also features a variety of hues. Colors like turquoise, gold, raspberry, and chrome are included, so they can easily be matched to your bedroom’s existing decor.

6. Flying Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will rouse even the heaviest sleepers from their slumber. The basic concept is that when the alarm goes off, a piece of it will fly off and drop at a predetermined spot in your room. The alert will continue until the moving element is reattached to the stationary alarm. The flying object can take to the air with its propeller blades spinning. If you want to turn off the alarm, you’ll have to get out of bed and reattach the propeller to the device. It’s an odd idea, but it could benefit people who struggle to get out of bed on Monday mornings.

7. Spy Alarm Clock

This alarm clock looks like one you’d find at Wal-Mart, but it conceals a tiny spy camera that can record footage as you sleep. This alarm clock seems like the perfect tool for paranoid individuals who wants to know what is happening around them while they sleep. The standard alarm clock is transformed into a spy alarm by adding a hidden camera. Aside from the traditional timekeeping and alarm-setting capabilities, the best part about these clocks is that they can also be used as covert surveillance cameras. Spy cameras need to be cleverly disguised, and because these clocks are so ubiquitous, they provide a foolproof way to record invisibly. You can secretly record an HD video and audio with a hidden camera inside a conventional-looking alarm clock.

8. Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock

A clock that resembles a set of dumbbell weights and acts as an alarm. The alarm will only stop ringing when you have completed 30 repetitions. Therefore, you will never miss a workout or continue to sleep in a bed—fighting with your alarm clock to get up and get some exercise. It sounds like torture to have a great alarm clock that you can only turn off by doing a certain number of reps with these dumbbells. 

9. Alarm Clock with a Police Siren

Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock may jolt you awake with the sensation that you are being pursued because of your drinking habits from the previous night. You’ll be startled by the loud sound of the police siren, and the room will be illuminated by eerie blue lights that rotate around the room. This will force you to jump out of bed as quickly as possible and shock you immediately. This Sleep Squad Police Alarm Clock is the ultimate wake-up call for a slacker member of society. This unusually cool clock is designed to give you the impression that the police are on their way to arrest you, which is precisely the purpose of the alarm clock so that you will get up. A police officer’s voice is heard on this alarm clock, warning, “You have till the count of three, or we’re coming in!!” If you fail to deactivate the alarm within three seconds, you will be promptly arrested for oversleeping. You will start getting up on time now that you have an alarm clock with a police alarm because otherwise, you will be found guilty and charged repeatedly.

10. Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks generate an annoying noise that no one likes to hear first thing in the morning. When the alarm goes off, it disturbs us from restful slumber, disrupts our pleasant dreams, and signals that it’s time to get out of bed and begin the day grudgingly. But imagine if you could get up without any distractions. An innovative pillow and alarm clock work together to make getting to sleep and out of bed easier. A pillow that gradually lights up and grows brighter in response to an alarm clock is designed to rouse you gently but efficiently from a deep sleep. Pillows with an LED fabric substrate allow for gentle illumination to awaken sleepers. As much as 45 minutes before the actual alarm goes off, the pillow will begin to glow. The light level gradually rises to mimic a sunrise and gently rouse the sleepy. There are both modern and vintage-inspired designs to choose from. Some contain motion detectors, and others may be operated from afar.  


Sleep is a luxury for those constantly on the go, but for others, it may be relaxing leisure. However, when we fall into a deep slumber, one of the most typical challenges is waking up in time for the day, whether we have work, school, a meeting, or any other commitment. Because of this, an alarm clock is the single most important tool for getting up on time every day. It has become an essential piece of bedroom furniture for nearly everyone. 

However, the monotonous ringing of the alarm clock can get old, and by the time we’ve trained ourselves to ignore it, we may already have fallen back to sleep. To address this monotony in the alarm clock industry, manufacturers have started incorporating the most unusual and coolest ideas to make alarm clocks more interesting. Once only a device to display the time and ring at certain intervals, alarm clocks have come a long way to become a popular cultural phenomenon, complete with all the latest and greatest features.