Cool and Unusual Office Technology


    The workplace is not immune to the pervasive influence of modern technological advancements. Almost everyone today relies on some form of technology, and it would be considerably more challenging to go about our everyday lives without the aid of many tools and appliances. As technology improves, so do people’s capabilities and the rates at which they can complete their work.

    Technologies in the workplace are just one example of the tools that humans have invented to facilitate our daily lives. Even though some of these technologies may seem strange, they can make even the most mundane tasks much easier to do. Here are some of the most unique and exciting pieces of office equipment.

    1. Plug Organizer for Electrical Outlets

    It’s common for outlets to be the source of a tangled mess of wires. Cable wires lying on the floor aren’t the neatest or safest thing to look at. Now that you have this planner, you won’t have any more trouble with that. This cable management system keeps cords neatly tucked away out of the way. It is common for people to use more electrical gadgets and devices than their electrical outlets can accommodate, leading to a tangle of unused wires in the vicinity of the outlet when plugs are repeatedly inserted and removed. Plug Out Outlet Organizer is a specific device: Several silicone knobs store the cables while not in use. There is a maximum of three plugs that can fit into the organizers.

    2. Surge Protector with 360° Rotating Plug

    In most offices, computer desks have become a war zone with wires, power bricks, and surge protectors, like something out of The Matrix. You can save a ton of room and stay much more organized with a rotating surge protector, which keeps your cords close to the outlet and allows you to swivel them back and forth against the wall. If you’re seeking a more efficient method of plugging in your offices and household devices, go no further than this space-saving swivel surge protector. Thanks to its two clusters of three revolving outlets, you can charge six devices at once. In addition to that, it has two lights that serve as indicators. When things are being shielded, a red light will be on, and a green light will be on when they are being grounded.

    3. Luminous USB Power Cord

    Luminous USB Cord

    With the Glow in the Dark USB Phone Charger Cable, you can finally end the hassle of dealing with dull, tangled cords. When you insert your device into the charger, the cable illuminates with colorful pulses that appear to travel down the wire from the power source to the device being charged. The three different plugs included in the package make it compatible with any mobile device and gadget with a USB port. It’s capable of rapid charging speeds. Built with the latest USB 3.0 technology, it allows lightning-fast file transfers. The magnetic construction that can rotate through a full 360 degrees enhances the charging efficiency. Put any of the three magnetic adapters into your device’s charging port. Then, set your magnetic charging cable nearby; the powerful magnets will pull the two together, creating a secure and speedy charging connection.

    4. Camera Lens Mug

    Camera Lens Mug

    Any serious photographer will appreciate a mug featuring their preferred camera lens. A camera lens mug is a great conversation starter while you enjoy your morning beverage. You couldn’t tell the difference between the real thing and these funny but awesome mugs from a distance. Carrying one of these into work or along the street is a surefire way to put a grin on people’s faces. Camera lens mugs are not only a fun and functional accessory but also a fantastic present for any photographer in your life. Consider getting one of these awesome camera lens mugs for the photography enthusiast in your life.

    5. Solar Powered Window Charger 

    You won’t have to worry about your phone dying at work or having to fight with other people for the only charging port. If you have a sunny office window, you may use this Solar Window Charger to charge your electronic devices. Simply attaching it to a window will let it absorb sunlight and turn it into solar energy, which will be used to charge your electronic device. This portable solar charger has a solar panel and an ABS plastic casing. The ABS housing for the PV panel has silicone pads on the inside. The Solar Charger is one device that takes advantage of the growing trend of using solar power to recharge electronic devices. Although harnessing solar energy to power electronic devices is an emerging field, charging a mobile phone with sunlight is a relatively recent development.

    6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise Cancelling headphone

    These headphones effectively muff the environmental noise, allowing you to focus on the audio. Using active noise management, noise-canceling headphones muffle outside noise. This contrasts with “passive” headphones, which rely on measures like soundproofing to suppress outside noise.

    With noise cancellation, you can hear clearly without having to turn up the volume. A noisy vehicle, like an airplane, can assist a passenger get some rest. In an aircraft, the signal-to-noise ratio is greatly improved with noise-canceling headphones compared to passive noise-attenuating headphones or no headphones, making it much easier to hear critical announcements like those concerning the plane’s safety. Listening quality can be enhanced with noise-canceling headphones to the point where it can ignore the influence of a competing distraction. These noise-canceling headphones are an absolute must-have if you must work in a boisterous environment. These headphones are ideal for computer programmers and graphic designers.

    7. Roll-Up Keyboards

    Most people like to eat or drink while working or playing on their computers. The problem is when a small piece of food or waterfalls on your keyboard. To solve this small problem, a full QWERTY keyboard that you can use anywhere and anytime has been introduced. It is also very durable and has a surface that keeps water and dust out. Roll-up keyboards are portable keyboards that are meant to be used with other mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The cool thing about these keyboards is that they can be rolled up like a piece of paper. It is very convenient to carry around since some models could be as thin as paper.

    Since roll-up keyboards aren’t like other keyboards, it makes sense that many users wonder if they are excellent and reliable. Most roll-up keyboards are made of flexible plastic and are easy to bend. You may conveniently put it in a bag, briefcase, portfolio, or other portable storage. Roll-up keyboards are also cheap and easy to take care of.

    8. Metal Pencil Holder

    Your pencils will last longer if you put them in this metal holder. It will turn the end of your pencil into a beautiful writing tool. This is probably the most critical change since erasers were put on the other end of wooden pencils. It improves the feel of using a small, flimsy wooden pencil by putting it in a hexagonal brass body. The weight of the pencil makes it easier to draw and write with, and it feels much more expensive.

    The metal holder is made to work as a high-end pencil sleeve. It also works with short pencil stubs, giving you a consistently high-quality writing experience. You can open and close it by twisting it and locking or unlocking the pencil with a satisfying click. The other end has a place to put an eraser, making the simple wooden pencil a very luxurious and high-end way to write or draw.

    The pencil holder’s body is made of brass and is carefully machined. It has an ingenious clutch mechanism that holds the pencil tightly. The result is a brass instrument that goes from having a cylindrical shape to a hexagonal shape. This creates visual drama and keeps the pencil from rolling around your desk. It’s just the right weight at 45 grams to help you draw or write confidently. The pencil is thin enough to fit in your stationery kit or backpack. It has a pocket clip so you can keep it close to your chest, making it easy to get to and giving you a sense of pride when you carry it.

    9. Self-Stirring Mug

    Millennials and employees are more likely to use self-stirring mugs to make milk, coffee, soup, shakes, and protein syrups. These mugs can handle high temperatures, detect heat, and automatically stir themselves. It is easy to use and only needs a low current to stir. Because of this, the market for mugs that stir themselves is expected to grow steadily over the next few years. The demand for mugs that stir themselves will grow over the next few years. People who like to sip coffee and hot chocolate but don’t want to clean cups and spoons will love these cups. Also, employees and students use them to avoid days when there aren’t any clean mugs in the office or when it’s a mess.

    Over time, self-stirring mugs have become more practical and more popular. Most employees, students, security guards, artists, and regular coffee drinkers don’t like the traditional way of making drinks in the kitchen with a spoon and other tools.

    10. Portable Dual and Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

    There was a time when laptops were so big that it was hard to carry them around. But because silicon technology has improved, laptops are now thinner than ever. You can not only bring your computer with you but also its parts, such as a portable monitor. A triple monitor system for your laptop is one of these add-ons. This revolutionary product has up to three screens that make it easy to do more than one thing at once and make you more productive. Whether you are a stock trader, a gamer, a coder, an entrepreneur, a student, or a working professional, a portable dual-screen laptop monitor is the key to multitasking well. These monitors are easy to attach to your laptop with magnets so you can use them on the go. 


    Unless you can permanently work from home, you probably spend most of your day at the workplace. Using technology at work will change how you work and make you feel better about your job. Technology makes it easier to do different tasks at work and also cuts down on mistakes because it is more accurate and perfect than people.

    Every office should have easy-to-use technologies to make employees more productive and boost their morale. Lack of variety in the work environment significantly contributes to individuals losing interest in their careers. With today’s technology, however, this tedious habit can be eliminated, as it is both fun to use and constantly challenging in new ways. While not everyone is afforded the luxury of a massive office with a spacious cubicle, plenty of fun and exciting office accessories are available to help you make the most of your limited square footage.


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