Cleaning up messes with Viva® Vantage


These guys. I love them, but my goodness are they messy.

I’m a mom of 3, with one of those being a 4 week old baby. I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks so I haven’t exactly been spending a lot of time in the kitchen or cleaning the house. That means a lot of the cooking and cleaning has been up to my husband and older children, and that also means big messes. They aren’t so good at cleaning up after themselves. A lot of times I’m greeted by stuff like this when I try to make something to eat:
Looks like someone decided to make brownies. With caramel. Huge mess.

Enter Viva® Vantage paper towels. I picked up a bunch of these on my last trip to Walmart, and they’ve got me breaking up with my old paper towels. Their stretch, absorbency, and scrubbing powers are perfect for a sticky, gooey, chocolate & caramel-y mess like this.
Just one wet Viva® Vantage paper towel was able to clean this up.
The first picture shows the mess before, the second picture shows one pass with Viva® Vantage, and the third shows after a second pass with Viva® Vantage.

This towel really stretches- that’s why it scrubs so well. I had to do the “stretch test” myself. I got the Viva® Vantage paper towel wet and gave it a little tug. Sure enough, it stretched quite a bit without ripping! I’ve never had a paper towel do that. Usually if you tug on it, it rips. Not this one. I was able to scrub the sticky, semi-dried on chocolate and caramel on the counter top without it ripping to shreds. I even rinsed the towel and scrubbed some more and it stayed in tact. That stretch and great scrubbing power comes from the revolutionary V-Flex Weave found only in Viva® Vantage paper towels. It also gives it sponge-like absorbency to soak up major spills. These are some serious paper towels!

Whether your messes are big or small, Viva® Vantage will have you covered.
Make sure to head to head to Walmart and grab some.
What kind of messes do you think would be a good challenge for Viva® Vantage?




Many thanks to Viva® Vantage and Walmart for sponsoring this post and for helping me clean up my messes! All opinions are, as always, my own.


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