Christmas 2012

(These were a few of Ayden’s favorites)
Forgive me for being so late on this one, but I figured I should probably mention Christmas in here somewhere! We’ve been having such a fun week home together that I’ve been seriously slacking on my blogging.


It was just the four of us at our house this year. We don’t have any family super close and we live in an area with a pretty gnarly winter pass at times, so we opted to keep it simple and stay home.
We had plenty of presents!
On Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present
¬†Usually it’s mom’s choice. And as you can see I always pick something on the smaller side that will keep them busy and happy until Christmas morning. Lily got a Monster High sketch book and Ayden got a do-it-yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. Both of my little artists were very pleased with their Christmas Eve gifts!
On Christmas morning I was woken up at about 5:45 by a text from my mom saying that my sister in law had gone into labor the night before and that I had a niece! {more on that here}.
What a Christmas blessing! Sierra CheyEnne Walker made me a first time Auntie, my husband a first time uncle, and my children first time cousins! It was very exciting to wake up to.
Ayden was already awake in his bedroom and was playing XBOX, quietly waiting for everyone else to wake up. What a sweet boy he is! I joined him for a bit while I sipped some coffee and checked my email. Finally 7:00am rolled around and it was safe to wake up Lily and Daddy. Santa had come and it was time to get up!
My little sleepy-heads first thing in the morning.
Merry Christmas!
Lily looked through her stocking {Ayden pretended to since he’d already stolen a few peeks while everyone else was still sleeping}
Santa brought the usual stocking stuffers…M&M filled candy canes, chocolates, stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring books, a slinky, chapstick, electric toothbrushes, toy microphones, socks, gloves, etc.
Santa presents!
Santa brought Ayden an XBOX udraw tablet and he brought Lily a pink Nintendo DSi XL.
These were all of the pictures I took because after the Santa presents it was pretty much a free for all. Everyone went crazy and no one would listen to me or slow down. All of a sudden everything was unwrapped except for my presents…they were the only thing left under the tree! I hadn’t opened anything at all and the kids had ripped open every single one of their presents in less than five minutes.
And a few of Lily’s favorites:
Despite my OCDness when it comes to cleaning, I’ve managed to actually let it go {a little} for Christmas break and just let the toys and presents stay out. Not everything has to be organized right this second and not everything has to have it’s own place just yet. We have another week left before Ayden has to go back to school and then it will be back to the daily grind, so I’m trying to really take this time to just play and have fun with the kids. We’re playing a lot of Lego Batman together and yesterday Lily and I put together 3 puzzles. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and they kept saying I was the coolest mom in the world. I think the mess can definitely wait!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas with their family and friends! Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? I think he got just about everything on my list this year.