Choosing the Best Storage for Your Garage

Where to put all those things in your garage?

Garages are areas where most of us are likely to store things, but this may result in a lot of clutter. One of the easiest and most practical solutions is to install storage units. These storage units will be easier for you to put away things neatly, and will also be easier for you to find things instantly. Storage units will make your garages look cleaner and more orderly.

Depending on the type of your garage, you can choose any of the following storage suggestions. Find an unused space or area in your garage and make the most of it by setting up storage units there. For the best possible results, don’t ever cut corners on the quality of materials when you are about to install those units.

Bike Storage

Rather than pile up your bicycles in the yard (and risk having them stolen), you can easily hang them on some neat bike storage units which can be mounted on the walls or ceilings of your garage. This will ensure that the bikes don’t take up much space and also remain safe.

There are several bike storage options you can find online. We’ve scouted out the following option, which will give you an idea of how such storage units work:

Where to Buy
TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack
Fedmax Steel Storage Cabinet
DIY RhinoMini Shelf Kits
Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer Rack Heavy Duty Tools Garage Organization Wall Mount Rack Hanger
FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
Ultrawall Storage System


TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack

This bike rack is attached flush against the wall and can store up to 4 bikes in a vertical position. If you want a horizontal storage for your bikes, we recommend ordering two of these in order to hang the bikes in between. The steel frame here is heavy duty and coated with white powder, so it’ll blend into any garage and last for a long time. The steel hook that actually comes into contact with your bikes is coated with vinyl. This will protect the bicycle as well as provide a sturdy hanging place for the long term.

With this option, you’ll have a compact way to store your bikes, which may otherwise take up way too much space. The maximum weight this rack would take is around 300 pounds, which should be enough for hanging a couple of heavy mountain bikes and some lighter options too. Some might struggle with the installation, especially since the instructions aren’t very clear, but the floor space it frees up is worth the effort.

Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets may be the most common form of storage, as they are a necessity for storing items such as tools, oils, cleaning supplies, and related items. There are a variety of garage cabinets, ranging from simple and cheap to fancy and expensive. The materials for these cabinets could include the following:

  • Plastic, more commonly known as resin. This is a good choice because it can withstand natural elements and wouldn’t be susceptible to rot. It’s also easier to clean plastic, as you just have to give it a wipe-down every once in a while.
  • Metal, either aluminum or steel. The downside is that they are liable to rust or corrode, though they are durable and sturdy options.
  • An engineered wood called medium density fireboard or MDF is mostly used for manufacturing garage cabinets. These have an attractive appearance, but are susceptible to moisture).

Garage cabinets come in an array of various kinds and options, from in-the-wall cabinets to rolling or overhead cabinets. Check out this option below:

Fedmax Steel Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet is about 71 inches tall, with doors that lock and shelves that you can adjust to your requirements. You can also choose between a few color options. There are even adjustable leg levelers included so you can make the cabinet stay stable if the garage floor is uneven. The whole thing comes disassembled, so you’d have to put it all together.

With this closed storage option, you’d be able to keep your stuff on hand yet out of sight. The locked option is also great if you want some extra security. After all, some tools can be quite expensive, so you don’t want them out in the open all the time.

Garage Shelves

Shelves are one of the most popular and convenient options for garage storage. They won’t take up much floor space, if any. They’re an excellent way to utilize vertical space and maximize the storage potential of your garage. You may choose from several types of garage shelving, including cornered shelves, overhead shelves, or ceiling mount shelves. Check out this popular option for garage shelves:

DIY RhinoMini Shelf Kits

These shelf kits are a fun and easy DIY project that will make your garage a much neater place. It’s possible for just one person to install these all by themselves, especially with the Pictorial Quickstart Installation Guide that comes with the package. The wall-mounted design is a universal one that won’t compromise your ceiling or garage safety. The addition of interior storage will also add value to your home in the long run.

This is an economical investment that will make an attractive yet strong addition to your garage. It’s all made in the United States, so you can also be assured of the quality. While some reviews have rightly stated that the item is a bit expensive, the huge combined weight limit of 1,960 pounds and high-quality construction is worth it. Be warned, though, you’d have to add the wood along with putting it up.

Garage Storage Systems

If you have a decent amount of cash to spare, you might want to consider splurging on a complete garage system. These garage storage systems normally include wall-mounted cabinets and/or shelves, free-standing short or tall cabinets, and grids. Some systems also include countertops, so you can have ongoing projects in the garage. Once you have such a system installed, you’ll have all the storage you need for your tools, sports equipment and other odds and ends in the garage. Check out the cabinet storage system below to see if this investment will be worth it:

Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer Rack Heavy Duty Tools Garage Organization Wall Mount Rack Hanger 

This is a real tough garage storage tool organizer (rack hanger) that is made of high-quality steel. Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer Rack Hanger is capable of carrying a whopping 265 lb of various tools and equipment to make sure that they are always secure and organized inside your garage. Some of the equipment and tools that you can hang include strollers, rakes, chairs, shovels, and other important gardening tools. Since its sleeves are finely coated with rubber, you will never experience problems with tools slipping and it prevents scratch as well. When it comes to its installation, this durable rack hanger only requires an electric drill and level and you can install it by yourself. You can also easily move this rack hanger when you feel you need it to transfer to another location. If you want to save space in your garage, this is the perfect item for you!

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage options maximize the height of your garage, so you get double the storage no matter how small the floor area is. They consist of shelves and cabinets, so you can choose between open or closed storage. However, make sure that you don’t store heavy objects in overhead storage. Usually, such options are ideal for storage boxes and containers, not heavy machinery like bikes or lawnmowers. Tip: label your individual containers so that you can find them easily.

Using overhead storage will also help you to store items without risking water damage. If required, you can also add racks, hooks, and other features in order to make your overhead option more versatile.

There are several overhead storage options available online, so look around and be aware before you settle on one choice. Here’s one with several positive user reviews:

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The ceiling of your garage doesn’t have to stay empty. If you have a lot of luggage to store or certain items that don’t need to be taken out on a regular basis, overhead storage could be the best way to go. Some items in this category could include holiday decorations, clothes you put away for the winter or the summer, or family heirlooms you’re not using. This overhead storage rack is a heavy duty and adjustable one that comes in black or white, allowing you to keep your containers safely stowed away.

You can order this model in a two or three pack, depending on how much storage you need. They’re also available in different sizes, so you may adjust your preferences according to the size of garage you have. Be sure to measure the height of your garage, as low ceilings will probably not work well with overhead storage. You’d get long ceiling brackets, six vertical posts, quality screws, and everything else you need for installation. It’s all gone through very rigid testing, so you can be sure of having sturdy storage that won’t come crashing down.

Hooks and racks

Hooks and racks are also good options for garage storage. They can be part of a whole garage system or bought individually. With some string a sturdy hooks, you can hang anything from small hand tools to cleaning equipment and even ladders, in your hooks and racks installed inside your garage. The great thing about hooks and racks is that they keep the items visible, which makes them more accessible whenever you need them.

Ultrawall Storage System

This storage system is a decent garage tool organizer, providing you several hooks to hang your rakes, spades, and other kinds of tools. There are 7, 8, and 12 piece options as well, so there should be something to suit any garage size and storage requirement. Other items you can hang here are rain boots, light bikes, robes, umbrellas, push brooms, shovels, etc.

The material of these hooks is powder-coated steel, which makes for great durability. This material is also resistant to chipping, cracking, or rusting, which is good news for those who live in humid climates. The sleeves are rubber-coated and scratch-resistant. The combination of quality materials results in a strong hook system which can hold up to 800 pounds. The whole thing is easy to install as well, but some reviews say it might take up to an hour even with the right tools.


By using these smart and space-saving storage units, you can keep the clutter to a minimum. This way, you’ll always have your garage clean, organized and safe. If you have the money for it, we recommend going for a complete cabinet system like the SafeRacks Hercke Kit 3 Work Center Garage Cabinet System. This will fulfill most of your storage needs if you only need it for smaller items. For the larger equipment like bicycles, you would probably need to invest in a bike rack as well.