Choosing the Best Floor Sanitization Company

The months of April, May, and June will perhaps be best known for the impact that the Coronavirus has had on the lives of both homeowners and those who run businesses. For many it has meant that interaction with other human beings has been limited – they have simply been locked down in their own homes. For business owners, survival in a world where interaction with customers at physical offices has been either impossible due to regulations – or severely limited has posed challenges that would tax even the most focused of business owners. However, even as regulation is relaxed businesses especially must now focus now making their premises safe for customers and ensuring that they are compliant with a whole new set of regulations. For homeowners, the safety of their families and friends has become paramount.

One of the most important factors that will contribute to making places of business and private homes safer for all stakeholders is in ensuring that floors are disinfected properly. For those who want to take this important step, it’s important to understand the levels of deep cleaning that are today available from a floor cleaning company.


First, there is cleaning which simply removes visible dirt, then there is sanitizing which ensures that the surface being cleaned is hygienic (sanitizing slows the growth of microorganisms) and there there is disinfecting which kills both bacteria and other organisms that can cause health issues.

Most businesses and households will want to identify and retain the services of a company that offers a professional sanitizing service. the question is how you identify those businesses that will offer a professional service and value for money?

Today, companies out there offer services that are aimed specifically at eliminating pathogens that cause illness – such as the virus associated with Coronavirus. These sorts of services can use specialized chemicals and ‘fogging’ to ensure that each surface of the home or business premises is free of these disease-causing microorganisms (including bacteria and fungus), however, these sorts of services may be a step too far when the focus is primarily on the flooring.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company should not merely be based on their access to effective chemicals (although making sure that they do have the skills to employ these chemicals is vitally important), there are other factors to bear in mind.

The first of these is the company’s reputation and the number of years that they have been providing a professional service – the longer the company has been providing these services the more likely they are to provide exceptional service. However, it is also important to obtain verifiable references to ensure that the claims of the company are based on fact – not just the invention of a marketing department.

The client also needs to make sure that the employees that are tasked with sanitization services have received the correct training and will be under the supervision of a qualified professional.

The company also needs the relevant insurance cover to provide peace of mind that if anything does go wrong during the sanitization process the client will be covered. They should also be able to offer a full range of services, irrespective of the fact that they are focused on flooring – building long term relationships is based on trust that the company can provide satisfaction when required to provide a ‘turnkey’ service.

The key to finding the correct service provider when it comes to sanitizing flooring is research and trust in excellent customer service and the ability to use the latest technology and techniques to get the job done efficiently – and at the right price. However – trust is at the foundation of that relationship.