Choosing The Best Chest Freezer for Your Food Storage

A combination of refrigerator and freezer is a typical combination in most homes. Sometimes, households have to store more meat or frozen food for a long period. This is where the stand-alone freezer is the best option for long-term cold storage. When you want to enjoy all year round and you purchase meat and other frozen foods in bulk, the stand-alone freezer gives you additional storage space. 

Also, you can stock up on the prepared meals. A deep freezer or chest freezer is also good for hunters who are having a bulk supply of meat. Chest freezers are cube- or -rectangle-shaped freezer that opens from the top. You can tuck the chest freezer in corner of the kitchen, pantry, room, basement, garage, etc. It is a quality solution for frozen foods for a longer period. 

Buying Guide



One of the first steps in buying the chest freezer is to decide that where you will place it in your home and which one will be the best for your accordingly. If you are having a room in your garage, pantry, laundry room, you can tuck it in the corner. The small size ease of portability makes it a great solution for those who don’t have a lot of space to spare. 

Before you buy a chest freezer, make sure that you have decided its place in your home. When you are done deciding the place, look for a chest freezer that fits the chosen corner. An important point that you should be keeping in mind while choosing the best place for a chest freezer is that it should be kept in a place where there is a comfortable room temperature.

Garages are the place where there is no temperature control. Before you decide on the chest freezer place, make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s recommendations for with or without temperature control rooms. 



The capacity of the chest freezer defines that how much it can store. It ranges from 3 to 22 cubic feet. An average chest freezer comes with a capacity of 15 cubic feet. It is an interior space that means it can store 112 liquid gallons. If you will be looking for more capacity than average, keep in mind that the model will be wider. 

The wider the chest freezer the more space it will occupy in the corner you have decided in your home or garage. The capacity you will be looking for should be the balance between living space and storage. 

Organization Options 


Unlike upright freezers, chest freezers are usually not having shelves that help you to organize the frozen items. Chest freezers are having baskets and dividers that you can use to separate the dinners from meets, baked goods, fruits, etc. Most of the chest freezers are having two to three storage baskets. The wider, up-graded, and high-end chest freezers are having 4 to 5 baskets. 

Some of the baskets in chest freezers are removable and sliding. It can be a perfect fit for manual defrosting.

Manual VS Automatic Defrosting 

Automatic Defrosting

If you are buying a manual defrosting chest freezer, you will have to service it when the ice and frost build up in the interior. Once the ice and frost build-up to the thickness of a quarter-inch, you need to unplug the chest freezer, remove frozen items and clear the ice and frost. When you are done remove the ice and frost from the chest freezer, you can drain the unit and plug it back in. 

This is how a manual defrosting chest freezer works. On the other hand, an automatic defrosting chest freezer is a self-defrosting and frost-free freezer. The internal coils heat up occasionally and keep the freezing away. Automatic defrosting operation is expensive and you have to purchase it in advance but easier to use. 

Safety Lock 

Safety Lock

If your chest freezer is having a safety lock, you will be able to secure the items storing in the freezer. If you plan to leave your freezer in the garage and go for a trip, the safety feature will be helpful. You can lock the freezer and enjoy your trip comfortably knowing that no unwanted entries would steal your food and other items. The safety lock is associated with a physical key or key fob that you can keep in a safe and accessible location. 

Garage-Ready Design 

Garage-Ready Design 

If you are willing to have extra storage space but you don’t want to buy a bulky chest freezer, then you should be looking for a garage-ready design. The garage-ready design ensures the correct operations even if it is extremely cold or hot outside. As a result, the frozen items in the chest freezer would not spoil and remain stable in an internal environment. 

Not every chest freezer is garage-ready, so make sure that you are looking for the right freezer with such specifications.

Exterior Power Light 

Exterior Power Light 

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the chest freezer is on and working even if it is plugged in. Without an indicator, you might be in doubt if your freezer is working or not and the stored food or items are safe or not. An exterior power light ensures the proper working by making a small glow on the ground near the freezer. It is the best feature for skeptical owners who don’t trust their appliances and keep the chest freezer on all the time. 

Energy Efficient 

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Most manufacturers have made energy-efficient freezers in recent years. The Energy Guide label will help you to compare the energy costs between different chest freezer models. You will be able to calculate the cost to run the freezer. Compare one model with another in terms of cost to run it. Energy Star chest freezers are 10% more efficient than standard models. 

Energy Star is a voluntary program of the Environmental Protection Agency. It rates the products according to their energy efficiency. The main goal of this program is to save the cost of consumers for running a freezer. 

Chest freezers use less energy than upright freezers because less cold air escapes when you open the door of the freezer as compared to the upright refrigerator or freezers. Most chest freezers rely on manual defrosting that requires less electricity than automatic defrost. 

Types of Freezers




Chest Freezer

Economical and Spacious

Upright Freezers 

Stacked Storage at Eye Level

Drawer Freezers

Catering and Home Use

Portable Freezers

Limited Storage Capacity, Smaller Size

Display Freezers

Glass Displays, Commercial Use

Where to Buy
Whynter FM-65G 
Arctic King 
Koolatron KTCF195 
Galanz GLF70CWED01
Midea MRC04M3AWW 

Choosing The Best Chest Freezer for Your Food Storage

Midea MRC04M3AWW 

The best single-door chest freezer comes with an adjustable thermostat. The range of temperature is from -12 to -24 that stores your frozen items for a longer period. At an optimum temperature, you can keep the long-lasting freshness of vegetables and fruits. It is large in capacity but smaller in size. The built-in hinged door allows you to open the door at a 45-to-75-degree angle. 

The free-opening door allows you to use both your hands for putting and taking out the food rather than using your one hand for holding the door. The recessed handle makes it easier for you to clean the freezer. Also, this chest freezer comes with a drain defrost water and clean feature. For vegetables and fruits, it comes with 1 hanging wire storage basket.

Key Feature

  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Built-in Hinge Door 
  • Defrost Drain
  • Recessed Handle 
  • Removable Wire Basket.

Whynter FM-65G 

This portable 65-quart fridge and freezer can be used for trips too. You can carry it in your RV for longer trips. The powerful compressor cooling system gives you a convenient and easy chill for beverages or food. This multipurpose freezer can keep frozen items fresh and stable for the long term. The temperature ranges from -6°F to 50°F. For a quick freeze, you can use the fast freeze mode that cools the freezer to -6°F in an instant. 

Talking about power usage, it needs a 110 Volt outlet at home and a 12 Volt power source in RV, boats, camping, etc. The solid and tough outer casing meets the recreational and critical freezing requirements. If it meets the critical freezing requirements, it is also a garage-ready chest freezer. For better and organized storage, there are two removable wire baskets. The drain plug makes it easy to clean.

Key Features

  • Fast Freeze
  • Dual Voltage 
  • Portable Freezer
  • LED Temperature Display 
  • Adjustable Temperature 

Arctic King 

If you are planning to buy a chest freezer that you can locate in your bedroom, kitchen, and pantry, you don’t want to buy a full-size freezer. This 5-cubic foot chest freezer comes with a sleek black finish. It looks small but it is a mighty freezer for frozen items. It can easily fit in the homes and as well as in apartments. 

For organized and better storage, it comes with two wire baskets. You can stash regular or smaller items of daily use. The lightweight and easy handling make it possible for two people to move it from one room to another. the manual defrost makes it energy efficient. 

With the two-temperature control feature with the high or low temperature, you can freeze your food for as long as you want. Also, it works wells as a garage unit but not in extreme climes. 

Key Features

  • Small Size
  • Portable 
  • Lighter Weight
  • Door Hinges 

Koolatron KTCF195 

This mini chest freezer comes with a flip-up lid having enough capacity to store your favorite frozen foods, meats, dairy products, etc. For more space, the back of this freezer can be kept closer to the wall. The removable wire basket can accommodate commonly used and smaller food items. It makes it easier for you to grab and go your favorite items categorized in the freezer. 

This energy-efficient freezer comes with efficient compressor technology to keep the temperature between 0°C and -24°C. The compressor comes with a CFC-free coolant to keep the items cool inside the freezer. An external thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature without opening the door of this chest freezer. There is an LED indicator that informs you that freezer is cooling and working. 

To keep it clean, it comes with defrost drain. The external plug allows you to drain the freezer after defrosting and you can easily clean the freezer. 

Key Features

  • Sleek Design 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • LED Indicator 
  • Exterior Drain Plug 
  • Temperature Control 
  • Auto Holder Hinges 
  • Quiet Operation 
  • CFC-Free Coolant 

Galanz GLF70CWED01

This compact size and large capacity chest freezer are designed perfectly for your beverages, fresh and frozen food, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. The adjustable thermostat control keeps your items frozen according to your need. The temperature ranges from -11.2°F to 10.4°F. The 3 indicator lights update you about the status of the freezer like power, run, and alarm without opening the lid. 

It comes with two hanging wire baskets for categorization and better storage. You can keep smaller items in the basket. Also, you can prevent the smaller food items from crushing by being under heavy food items. The hanging basket makes this freezer a grab-and-go chest freezer. This energy-saving chest freezer uses R600a, a low-energy, and high-efficiency compressor. It can quickly cool the freezer with low noise and vibration. 

The manual defrosting system makes it energy saving chest freezer. For easy drag and clean, it comes with 4 casters and a drain plug. For easy opening and closing of the lid, it comes with a recessed handle and offers a clean appearance.

Key Features

  • Power Indicator 
  • Recessed Handle 
  • Temperature Alarm Indicator 
  • Drain Plug 
  • R600a Compressor
  Midea MRC04M3AWW Whynter FM-65G Arctic KingKoolatron KTCF195 Galanz GLF70CWED01 
Capacity3.5 Cubic Feet2.12 Cubic Feet 5 Cubic Feet7 Cubic Feet7 Cubic Feet
Door HingesReversible Reversible TopFlip-UpUpward
Door Material Type Stainless Steel  Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Temperature-12℃ to -24℃-6°F to 50°F-18.4 to 10.40°C to -24°C-11.2°F to 10.4°F
UniquenessAdjustable LegFast-Freeze, PortableMore Capacity, Small SizeQuiet Operation, Aluminum LinerR600a Compressor, Ultra Quiet

Chest Freezers – Keep Frozen Items in Small Spaces

The chest freezers are made for smaller spaces such as corners in your pantry, kitchen, garage, etc. They are smaller in size but larger in capacity. Now it depends on your requirements of storing frozen food items, meat, dairy products, etc. Chest freezers come in different capacities and functions. The one you will be choosing for your use should be having the required capacity but a smaller size to fit perfectly in the corners. 

Instead of spending a lot of bucks on electricity bills, you should be looking for an energy-saving chest freezer. The manual defrost are energy-saving chest freezers than automatic defrost freezers. Also, some of them are having cooling powers that can work well in the garage with extreme weather.