Choosing a Balance Ball for Your Home Office

If you work in your home office, you may spend hours sitting on computer chair everyday. It can leave you with back and neck pains as you unintentionally put unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders. Good thing there’s a solution: balance ball chairs. Since you own the office, you can easily add your own stuff to it. Your swivel chair might be nice, but a balance ball chair can put your core muscles to work harder to keep your posture balanced and upright. This way, you can align your spine, improve your posture and strengthen your core. Little did you know, you are already working your way to a sculpted abs (gradually) while you’re working on your computer or desk.

In choosing a ball chair for your home office, you should consider these things:

1. Height

Height is your first consideration when it comes to choosing a ball chair. Make sure it is of correct height so your body is still at ergonomic position opposite your desk. Avoid choosing a chair that is too low, since it may do more harm than good to your posture. It’s best to pick a chair with an adjustable height so it can be used by anyone.

2. Comfort

Since you’re buying a chair, comfort is a big factor. You’ll be spending most of your time in this chair so make sure it’s comfortable for you. If comfort is the most paramount to you, choose one with a wide ball and a backrest.

3. Durability

Of course, you would want a worthy investment. Choose a chair that is up to standard components and has a durable structure. When buying online, the length of warranty can be your deciding factor.

Here are some great balance ball chairs you can consider for your home office:

Where to Buy
Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair
Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair
LuxFit Ball Chair
Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair
Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair 4750CI 
Vivora Luno - Sitting Ball Chair for Office and Home 
Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair (Standard or Swivel Base Option) 


1. Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

This chair from Isokinetics has fully adjustable legs and back with a sturdy metal frame. It offers superb balancing. You can adjust both legs and back just like a traditional chair, as you can set the legs to 4 different heights and the back to 4 different positions. The backrest is a simple rubber cylinder that is comfy to rest your back on. Besides its solid metal frame, this chair has larger, 2.5” wheels that provide more maneuverability and durability. The ball is removable so you can use it for exercise or yoga. Plus, the ball itself is removable and made of non-latex material with an anti-burst technology. It is available in a silver flake frame with black or yellow ball, and a solid black frame with black ball.

2. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This balance ball and chair combo can be used as an alternative desk chair for your home office to improve back and lumbar health while keeping your posture upright. When you’re not working, you can remove the ball and use it separately for working out. It’s designed for users 5’ to 5’11” tall and can perfectly fit most standard-height desks. If you’re taller than that, you can attach leg extenders sold separately by the company. It comes with an adjustable metal support ball, a rolling and lockable caster wheels, an air pump and a desktop exercise guide. You can choose from nine different colors such as black, blue, cool gray, forest, fuchsia, green, ocean, purple and wasabi.

3. LuxFit Ball Chair

The LuxFit exercise ball chair is designed by health experts to maintain back and spine health. The removable yoga ball has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its backrest extends upwards up to 2.5 feet, making it a great choice if you’re looking for something with a more-than-decent back support for taking a break on engaging core muscles. It comes with a superb, heavy-duty build with large wheels that are long-lasting and easily movable. Most people prefer this chair for its aesthetic look and functional design. It’s an affordable, professional-grade ball chair with a two-year warranty.

4. Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair (Standard or Swivel Base Option) 

This ball chair features a modern design, with a durable reinforced base, that ensures ergonomic back support. Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair aligns the spine and engages the core, so it is effective in improving body posture and eliminating discomfort while you’re sitting.  This ball chair is designed for users 5′ to 5’11” tall, has a 300-pound weight capacity, and fits most standard-height desks. 

5. Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

If you’re serious about getting in an upright position at all times, this backless chair from Gaiam is a great choice. Without a back support, it forces you to maintain a good posture. This chair becomes a dependable back and core trainer. During your free time, you can remove the ball and do some exercises in it. It comes with a four-wheel base, with two of them lockable, plus a detailed exercise guide and a free air pump. You can depend on its solid plastic frame to support weight up to 300 pounds. For longer-legged people, an optional leg extender can be purchased separately. The ball is made of a durable, non-latex material, and is available in seven fun colors: blue, charcoal, fuchsia, green, ocean, purple and wasabi.

6. Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair 4750CI 

For those who are turned off by the unusual appearance of most balanced ball chairs in the market, this one’s the best stylish choice. This chair from Safco products won’t be thought of as a ball chair at first glance. There’s a breathable mesh cover that hides the inflatable ball and most of the base, giving you a great-looking chair. It has a modern, contemporary style that can easily blend well with any room besides your home office. It has four legs with stationary glides for safety and stability. It also has an ergonomic design that can help you improve your posture and core muscles, since it has no backrest for leaning. It’s durable, but it’s so light you can easily move it wherever you want to put it. It also comes with an air pump. Because of its design, you can’t remove the ball – it’s for sitting purposes only. This ball chair is available in black, black vinyl, blue, crimson, gray, green, orange and pink.

7. Vivora Luno – Sitting Ball Chair for Office and Home 

Another unique and stylish choice, this self-standing ball chair from Vivora is a great compliment to an existing work chair. It has no base, so it’s like the usual balance ball, but still differs when it comes to style. There are so many artisan cover options for this ball, and they’re all leather-like so it can fit well into your home décor. It’s actually a combination of Swiss fitball and an ergonomic office chair. This ball chair has a self-standing design that doesn’t need a base, but it won’t roll away when you sit down. It’s also portable, thanks to the handle by the side, so you can take it with you wherever you want to.