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    If you are expecting for a baby, probably you are very stoked right now with the idea of buying baby stuff. Those little shoes, extra small outfits and fluffy animal sheets – they’re too cute to ignore. But because you know you can’t afford them all, you wish your friends and family knew what you wanted for your child and have them buy those baby stuff for you.

    Now, that’s enough reason to build your own baby registry. For some, it may seem selfish, tacky or childish, but the truth is, it benefits both sides. For the mom-to-be, it would be very helpful and practical. And because most people get excited with buying gifts for newborn babies, a baby registry will actually do your friends and family a favor, since we all want to give gifts that will be appreciated and used by the recipient.

    Amazon can offer you the best baby registry service you could ever wish for. Check out its benefits:

    1. Tons of products to choose from

    Amazon is proudly offering the biggest selection of baby products. Almost always, what you need is available at Amazon. You can choose from various brands at different prices that will complement your givers’ budgets.

    2. Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Having a baby is difficult and overwhelming enough, so you need everything else to be light and easy for you. Amazon provides a helpful starter checklist, where they suggest things you most probably need. You can easily look at the best Amazon gift ideas, most popular and top-rated items for babies you can add to your registry. You can also manage your list conveniently on any device – giving you access anywhere you go.

    3. Discounts and bonus items

    Discounts and bonus items

    With Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom, you can have a chance to get a free parenting eBook, welcome box and maternity savings. These are great membership opportunities that will surely offer you reasonable Amazon deals. You will also be eligible for 10-15% completion discount, compliments of Amazon Family. Plus, there will be no hassle because shipping is fast and free!

    4. Universal Registry

    If you badly want some items but it’s not available on Amazon, you don’t need to sign up with another registry or shop from others. With Amazon’s Universal Registry, you can add items from another website to your wish list! You just need to install a free Registry/Wish List Add-on to your Firefox browser.

    5. 90-day returns

    If the item you or your recipient received turns out into not what you expected it to be, you can return it to Amazon with no questions asked within 90 days.

    Amazon shopping!

    6. Automatic “thank you” note

    Amazon sends out Thank You cards to people who buys something from your online list. If you have no time to thank people for their generosity, don’t worry – Amazon will do it for you.

    Finding deals on Amazon might be easy, but the Amazon baby registry will help you take care of your baby’s needs with less cost, less effort and less time! Happy Amazon shopping!


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