Beauty Tips that Save Time

Hectic schedules and an extensive beauty regime often don’t go together. One thing that takes a backseat when you face time restraints is your beauty routine. Extensive skin, hair, hand and feet care takes a lot of time. Laziness and lack of time may result in you neglecting the self-care you need. … Read more

Simple Hair Styling Ideas for When You Are Running Late

a person styling a lady’s hair into a bun

We all know the moment when we just got home from work but have to leave for a party in only half an hour or are running late to get the kids somewhere. We only get 30 minutes to decide on clothes, iron, shower, and get ready; managing time seems pretty impossible. … Read more

Benefits of Vitamin C For Your Skin

Most people are aware that vitamin C is important for the body, but not as many are aware that it also provides significant benefits for the skin. Because the body does not create vitamin C, and it does not store it, it is essential to provide vitamin C daily. It can be … Read more

Glycolic Acid: Description and Benefits

Glycolic acid, of which other names include hydroacetic acid or hydroxyacetic acid, is the smallest of the alpha hydroxy acids. Glycolic acid is originally derived from sugar cane, while the other alpha hydroxy acids include lactic acid from sour milk, malic acid from apples, citric acid from citrus fruits, and tartaric acid … Read more

Why are Organic Skin Care Products Better?

Why are Organic Skin Care Products Better

Skin is the largest organ of your body, and without any doubt, also one of the most important. The skin is also remarkably receptive to things applied to it, so much that up to 60% of everything you applied gets to your bloodstream through it which is then distributed to the entire … Read more

Useful and Fun Beauty and Skin Care Items

Fun and Useful Beauty and Skin Care Items

It’s always a good idea to keep some beauty maintenance in your purse, whether you’re off to work or school. There’s no need to bring your entire makeup kit and skin care routine with you anywhere, there are some products that can fit into your purse and are multipurpose, which is perfect … Read more

Retro Inspired Makeup Products

Tokyo Milk Lip Balm

From overdrawn lips, elegant eyes, loads of powder, long falsies and pale pink hues, vintage make up tricks are definitely making a comeback. Do you remember that time where you were curious about the products in your grandma’s or mom’s vanity? Well, these products are on the scene again. We are here … Read more

Getting Started with the Top Organic and Natural Makeup Brands

100 Pure

There is no doubt that different toxic chemicals could be hiding in your makeup bag. The skin can absorb about 80% of these chemicals unfiltered. Therefore, applying unnatural makeup to your skin poses a serious health risk to your body. However, since in recent years organic products have been increasing in popularity, … Read more

Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

Tips for Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a wonderful invention. Typically made with a starchy ingredient, dry shampoo is used to eliminate and absorb sebum – the scalp’s natural oil that makes hair look greasy after a day (or even two to three) days of no shampooing. It gives your scalp a break from washing that … Read more

How to Achieve the “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

A no-makeup makeup look

With the summer heat getting hotter and hotter every season, our willingness to go out with full makeup has taken a stark decline. Who wants to spend hours perfecting makeup only for it to melt off a few minutes after stepping out the front door. However, most of us are not willing … Read more

Introduction to LipSense Lipstick


Do you love the look lipstick can give you? It’s a great part of any makeup routine that can brighten your face, making you look radiant and beautiful. However, the thing with lipsticks is that it can be a struggle to keep them looking fresh. On a daily basis, you bite your … Read more