Best Mini Projectors: A Buying Guide

The advancement in technology has led us, humans, to another level. There was a time when projection was minimal, and the local public could just think of its personal usage and knowledge. The use of projectors was considered suitable only for theatres, office meetings, and presentations. Now, we can see that projectors … Read more

Best Self Stirring Mugs

A self stirring mug by Evelots stirring coffee

Self-care is as important as your daily meals. It is not equivalent to being selfish at all. In this time and era, technology provides us with so many ways to take care of ourselves and make our lives easier. Take an example of mug warmers. Who would have thought that their drink … Read more

Best Solar Chargers: A Buying Guide

For all the mobility that this world has been promising us, solar-powered chargers are top favorites of all times. Who would have thought that after the introduction of wireless chargers we would be looking at solar chargers for our mobile phones and tablets, and even laptops? Solar chargers are the best thing … Read more

Wireless Earphones Buying Guide

Wireless earphones are great for you if you like to listen to music while working out. They continue to grow in popularity due to several good reasons, such as seamless connectivity with your smartphone, compact size, cordless design, and amazing smart controls. The best thing is that today’s wireless earbuds sound great!   … Read more

Best Smoke Detectors for Kitchen

Smoke Detector mounted on the ceiling

Smoke detectors play an important role, especially in places that are prone to picking up a fire. They are specifically important in the kitchens because, during cooking, carbon monoxide and smoke can be produced. Therefore, you need to invest in a reliable smoke detector for quality performance. If you are looking for … Read more

Best High-quality Travel Electronic Organizers

an electronic accessories travel organizer with cables and chargers

Remember the last time you were on a trip and had to charge your phone? The dig in the bag to find and retrieve the charging wire, in many other items, is a daunting and frustrating task. Besides, we all hate the ball of tangles our headphones turn into while being in … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Car Jump Starters

a close up of a jump start attached to a car battery

Imagine riding along a fun road trip and suddenly your car battery dies down. Worrying, right? Such scenarios not only make the trip turn sour; they can also create difficult situations if you don’t have proper backups planned. Car jump starts are one way to counter these unexpected situations. A car jump … Read more

Essential Gadgets for All Guys

Essential Gadgets for All Guys

Technology keeps marching on, bringing so many new and amazing items into our lives. Some gadgets are pretty much useless, but there are some whose usefulness cannot be denied. It may be a little presumptuous to say that all guys need any particular thing, but most of these items would be welcomed … Read more

Best Earbuds for Basketball

Jabra Elite Active Wireless Sports Earbuds

Music can help most of us feel relaxed or motivated while doing our jobs, and basketball players are not an exception for that. In fact, most of the basketball players turn to music while they are in the locker room or warming up on the court. However, it’s kind of difficult and … Read more

Cool and Unusual Office Technology

Cool and Unusual Office Technology

  Technology advancement has made a great impact on every aspect of our lives, even in our workplace. Almost all the people are now dependent on technology no matter what the task is, and doing our daily tasks would be much harder without our tools and gadgets. Development in technology allows people … Read more

Cool Power Solutions

Cool Power Solutions

  People always carry their gadgets with them wherever they go. However, there are no outlets available anywhere every time the battery of your device drains out. With the advanced technology, people can now charge without outlets through power banks. Check out these cool power solutions. Pokeball Power Bank     By … Read more