My next kid-friendly vacation destination


Vacations are something that don’t seem to happen often enough in this household for many reasons. We’ve had a couple of crazy hectic years, what with adding two new babies to the family, and a family vacation wasn’t really an option for the longest time. It’s just been chaos, really. Now that … Read more

Opening up about infant feeding


  I loved breastfeeding. Is that a weird thing to say? As a mom of four who’s nursed all four babies, I can honestly say that breastfeeding was one of my highlights with each baby and it’s one of the things I looked forward to most after each subsequent birth. Maybe it … Read more

Tips for soothing a fussy baby


    If there’s one thing I firmly believe in, it’s moms helping out other moms. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from the perfect parent. I make mistakes- tons of them, and even after 13 years of motherhood I still have questions and struggles when it comes to … Read more

Baby Loved, Science Proven


Playtime is such a crucial part of early childhood development. Babies and children learn through playing, so wouldn’t it make sense that we should be picky about their toys? Lamaze Toys are baby loved and science proven, meaning they are designed with every stage of your baby’s development in mind. I’m sharing … Read more

Letting her “do her thing”


I think we can all agree that the toddler years can be a pretty….challenging time. My two and a half year old is no longer a baby, yet she’s not quite a full-fledged kid either. She’s becoming a big girl, with big girl emotions, wants, needs, and ideas. Don’t get me wrong, … Read more

Mid-week confessions

Hi lovelies! Today’s blog post is just a fun one where I share a few mid-week confessions. We’re already halfway through the week and these are just some little tidbits that are on my mind… I miss sleep. Seriously guys…I’ve been sleeping in 2-3 hour chunks for 6 weeks now and I’m … Read more

Quick & easy photo albums {Plus 15 album theme ideas!}


Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love taking pictures of my children. Yes, I’m one of those moms. The one who posts far too many pictures of my adorable children on all of my social media accounts and who is constantly having to delete apps and games on my phone … Read more

Easy ways to reconnect with your kids

goldfish wholegrain cheedar-jpeg

As a mom of four I can tell you that it’s been quite a challenge lately to spend quality time with all of my kids, especially the older ones. Life with a newborn and a busy toddler has left me exhausted and I feel like I’m spread pretty thin most days. I … Read more

Love your leftovers + the easiest slow cooker lasagna recipe


Leftovers. That word seems to have a strong reaction for some people- either you love them or you hate them. If you’re a busy mom like me, chances are you love leftover night. I mean, who likes making dinner every single night? Not me! These days, I’m all about convenience, saving time, … Read more

A letter to my oldest child

A letter to my oldest child-jpeg

Dear Ayden, I’m sitting here looking through baby pictures of you- my sweet and sensitive first little baby boy, and I can’t for the life of me believe that we just celebrated your twelfth birthday last week. It’s been 12 years since you forever changed my life and made me a mom, … Read more