Easy, Healthy, Kid-Friendly Dinners Your Kids Would Love

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Are you tired of prepping healthy foods – carving lots of time from your already-packed schedule – only to have it rejected by your kids? Are you always begging them to eat just one more bite of broccoli? Well, worry no more! Here are some kid-friendly recipes that offer a healthy balance … Read more

Ideas To Make Going Back To School Special For Your Child

Green and Gray Scissors

Schooling for kids has not just been a privilege for kids but a long-standing right to education. It is a right of the youth to be educated appropriately, especially if they are living in democratic countries. This right to be educated has been practiced by minor-aged people for thousands of years. This … Read more

Sometimes You Need a Time Out

Two people taking a break on a bench in a nature environment

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes. Yet, many people leave their vacation time unused because they are afraid that responsibilities will only pile up. Some people are always checking things on their to-do lists, but the list doesn’t seem to end day by day. And at-home parents who have little kids … Read more