Never miss a moment

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As a veteran mom of 3 (with one more on the way) I guess you could say I’ve seen my fair share of precious moments with my children. Sure, I’ve seen all of the “firsts”- first time rolling over, first tooth, first crawl, first word, first step…you name it, I’ve seen it. … Read more

Kids movie date: Minions {Plus a Fandango giveaway!}


Happy Monday! Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I’ve actually been looking forward to this Monday because the kids and I have a special “mom & me” date planned. We’ve kind of already hit our summer slump and everyone is getting bored and irritated with each other, so we needed to do something different. … Read more

Support local schools while back to school shopping


Raise your hand if you’re a procrastinator! I confess that I tend to put things off and wait until the last minute a lot, especially when it comes to things like back to school shopping. First of all, here in Washington, we start late- like usually the first week of September. So … Read more

The jig is up


Let’s start this blog post off by paying tribute to a little lost part of my children’s innocence and say farewell to two beloved characters: the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. May you always hold a special place in their hearts from when they were still naive enough to believe in … Read more

Real Food For Babies with Beech-Nut organic


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Beech-Nut. I received a free coupon to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Keeping up with a growing 9 month old’s appetite can be tough. It seems like my entire day revolves … Read more

New beauty goodies for Mama & happy 9 months

New beauty goodies for Mama & happy 9 months-jpeg

Three quarters of a year. That’s 9 months, and my sweet Harper will be celebrating her first birthday 3 months from now. It’s crazy how quickly these 9 months have flown by because the 9 months of pregnancy sure lagged at times. Maybe because time always seems to creep by slower when … Read more

Spread the love with Huggies #UltraHug contest


    As a parent, I tend to take things for granted. You’ve probably heard me (or seen me write about) minor motherhood annoyances and common parenting woes, such as a lack of sleep, teething babies, temper tantrums, and so on. In the moment, these little things always seem huge. My baby … Read more