Balancing Life and a Home Business

Running a home business can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to take control of your own life, to organize things in the way you want and to truly be your own boss. Although this flexibility is welcomed, it can also sometimes be troublesome. Many people (including myself) … Read more

Practical Design Tips for Your Own Home Office Setup

Nowadays, more people have willingly committed to work in their own homes because they enjoy many benefits from it. You don’t have to suffer rush-hour traffic, you can work in your pajamas, your schedule is more flexible and made more personalized than it was when you used to work in your 9-to-5 … Read more

What Are the Best Colors for Your Home Office?

Color profoundly influences how we do things. Those include our mood, professional conduct, performance and productivity in an office setting. If you’re designing a home office at the moment, you’re definitely planning to put paint colors very soon. But you may be wondering what should be the right color for the office … Read more

Tips to Get You Motivated While Working at Home

Everyone needs motivation at work. Even work-at-home freelancers. Sure, there are lots of benefits of being their own boss working from their own abodes. They can work at their own time and pace, and they don’t even have to dress in sharp suits like before when they used to work at the … Read more

The Challenges (and Perks) for Expats Living in Thailand

Being in another country can be sometimes rewarding and sometimes frustrating. But no doubt about it – it is always an enriching experience. But living in a foreign country (most likely permanently) is otherwise a completely different matter, compared to having a vacation there as a tourist. Building your professional life, raising … Read more

Quashing Misconceptions Of Stay At Home Dads

I am a stay at home dad. With that role comes some pretty common (and annoying) misconceptions that I am ready to end once and for all. Even though stay-at-home fathers have become more accepted than before, they are still the objects of criticism, judgment or ridicule. Every family is different, but … Read more

Cool and Unusual Office Accessories

Cool and Unusual Office Accessories

  Your desk is a space for creation and innovation. Essential office accessories keep your office running in a great mood and helps maintain productivity. This wide range of products is suitable for home or business offices. Aside from adding style and beauty to your office, these items also function to help … Read more

Gift Ideas for Office Workers

Jibo the robot

Getting a gift for a co-worker or employee is never an easy task. Despite the fact that you see them five out of the seven days in a week, the decision of how much to spend on a gift, what type of gift will be appropriate, what they will like or won’t … Read more