Top 5 Cheap Hair Clippers Under $50

A set of hair clippers with scissors

Hair clippers have made it possible for us to get that professional salon look without having to shell out a whole lot of money. When looking for a new set of clippers, though, there are many things to consider before making the purchase. These include the motor, length options, adjustable settings, durable … Read more

Top 5 Hair Straighteners Under $50

Top 5 Hair Straighteners Under $50 in 2018

Hair straighteners are one of those beauty products that women just can’t live without and if you’re on the hunt to picking up a new flat iron there are many tricks to the trade to consider. These highly elusive one of a kind products can really make or break your look as … Read more

10 Best Toothpaste Products That Can Whiten Your Teeth Fast

Toothpastes to Whiten Teeth

Of the many cosmetic facets of your body, your teeth perhaps need the greatest amount of care in order to be healthy and beautiful. And nothing makes a smile more flattering than having clean, white teeth! If you have an important date or event approaching and need to get your teeth from … Read more

Cover Up That White And Grey Facial Hair With Beard Dye!

Bearded Santa Worried

As much as man has existed, beards have also existed. The earliest records indicate that Egyptians grew hair on their chins. They hennaed, frizzled and dyed their beards. This was their sense of fashion at the time. Today, it is interesting to see that a culture of beard dying that started back … Read more



Three of the most popular and current models that we have looked at so far are the MB200, MB4040 and the PG6025. The MB4040 in particular sells better than some of its more expensive competitors. The MB4040 has interchangeable blades to allow you to get even the most detailed goatee. The PG6025 … Read more