Best Irons for Travel

Travel iron

One of the common dilemma when traveling is finding the clothes from your luggage all wrinkled. That’s why irons are lifesavers when traveling. However, they can be heavy and a pain to pack. Some hotels or Airbnb can provide irons but you cannot always ensure that you will be getting a high … Read more

Must Have Travel Accessories for Any Trip

Humangear GoToob

When it comes to traveling, most of us only think about picking our destination, booking tickets, packing bags, and then heading off with the hope of an enjoyable holiday. However, some of us never consider the fact that we need to take along with us certain accessories that will make the journey … Read more

Cool Travel Accessories

Cool Travel Accessories

  Whether traveling in a car, plane, or by any means, there are numbers of accessories that make the process go more smoothly. Some accessories provide personal comfort, help you pack more efficiently. Check out this list of cool items and travel accessories which make your life easier while traveling. The Compartment … Read more

20 Great Places to Kayak in the United States

Great Places to Kayak in the United States

Are you looking to find some great places to kayak in the United States? Well, here is a list to help you find some of the best paddling destinations. When it comes to great spots to get the boat in the water and enjoy the sunny weather, all destinations are not equal. … Read more

Must Have Items for a Road Trip

Travel Board Games

The road trip is an adventurous and fun way to travel from one place to another and also see the hidden gems of the country. Though it has its inconveniences and challenges, it can be an unforgettable experience. To help ensure a successful and fun road trip, we have compiled a list … Read more

Must Have Items for a Cruise

Money Belt

Planning to head out on a cruise? If yes, then we can assume that you are already aware you have to pack your socks, swimsuit, and flip flops for your next cruise. But there are other items you will need as well. There may be some things that you haven’t thought packing … Read more

Must Have Items for a Beach Vacation

Underwater Digital Camera

When most people think of the most relaxing places to be, the beach is at or near the top of their list. Beaches are beautiful, breezy and packed with lots of fun activities for both young and old. If you need an escape from the daily routine, beaches are great places to … Read more

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Are you looking for gift ideas for travelers? Here are our favorite gifts that will not only capture fond memories, but also inspire future adventures, and make the next trip easier and more enjoyable for a traveler. These gifts are perfect for a special occasion and holiday, and they will make meaningful … Read more

My next kid-friendly vacation destination


    Vacations are something that don’t seem to happen often enough in this household for many reasons. We’ve had a couple of crazy hectic years, what with adding two new babies to the family, and a family vacation wasn’t really an option for the longest time. It’s just been chaos, really. … Read more

Enjoy Visiting the Pacific Northwest

Mountains and foliage

Beautiful mountain ranges, lush green forests, and awe-inspiring lakes; are some places the pacific northwest can boast about its visitors and the world. Though the pacific northwest consists of two neighboring countries, travelers from both countries and the world still love to tour the region. The pacific northwest indeed has a lot … Read more