Enjoy Visiting the Pacific Northwest

Mountains and foliage

Beautiful mountain ranges, lush green forests, and awe-inspiring lakes; are some places the pacific northwest can boast about its visitors and the world. Though the pacific northwest consists of two neighboring countries, travelers from both countries and the world still love to tour the region. The pacific northwest indeed has a lot … Read more

How to Come Up with New Year’s Resolution

a corkboard of messages

Are you decided to reinvent yourself in the coming new year? Or at least take the new year as a long overdue excuse to get rid of your old bad habits or take up new ones? It’s rather unfortunate that more than half of all New Year’s resolutions end up in failure. … Read more

Ideas for an Inexpensive but Great Date Night

a couple sitting and having coffee outside a café

“Love don’t cost a thing,” as a line from a pop song says. Showing love for your spouse or significant other doesn’t always have to mean splashing out big on every date, even if that exceeds your budget. While we would all love to treat our loved ones with luxury gifts and … Read more

My New Year’s Resolutions

making a list of new year’s resolutions

At some time in your life, chances are you’ve declared a New Year’s resolution – and then broken it. But haven’t we all? It’s easier said and done, after all. But hopefully, for the next new year, stop the cycle of making resolutions and not keeping them. If your resolutions are to … Read more

Ideas for a Secret Santa

A pile of Christmas gifts

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to feel festive once again! It also means that school, office, and family reunion parties are also in the offing, and they typically entail Secret Santa gift exchanges. One of the great things about Secret Santa is that it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or … Read more

Painting Pumpkins

People Painting Pumpkins

Halloween is a time-honored tradition in the United States that was originally started by Irish immigrants. It is a fun and exciting holiday for most Americans, especially with the kids, for wearing costumes and trick-or-treating from house to house. And, of course, the carving of the popular jack-o-lantern using pumpkins. Aside from … Read more

No-Sew DIY T-Shirt to Tank Tutorial

A woman wearing a graphic black tank top

Do you have a ton of oversized T-shirts just lying around at your house that no one wants to wear? Instead of discarding them, you can upcycle them into something cute! Making a tank top out of an old T-shirt is possible, even if you don’t know how to sew. These tutorials … Read more

Ideas for a Fun Memorial Day Party

A small US flag and sparkler

Happy Memorial Day! We want to say a big and heartfelt “Thank you” that goes all to our citizens serving our country.  Memorial Day is generally observed as a more solemn holiday than Veterans Day. It is the day to remember and honor those who lost their lives while serving in the … Read more

Finishing what you start is good for your health!

Whiteboard with tasks written on it

Nothing is more rewarding than finishing a chore or task from your list, especially if you started practicing ticking the boxes off of your list. Unfortunately, with the world we live in today, it’s pretty hard to finish a task, let alone finish it. With the shorter attention span contributing big time … Read more