Ideas for Thanking a Veteran

A Veteran holding a US flag

Have you stopped to take a moment and thank all the veterans, past and present, who have served our country? We should thank them for all the hard work and sacrifices they have made for the rest of us Americans.  Any time provides an excellent moment to thank our brave and selfless … Read more

Cranberry Holiday Punch

Cranberry Holiday Punch

Straight up, or on the rocks, cranberry, or cranberry apple juice cocktail spell r-e-f-r-e-s-h-m-e-n-t.  When the holidays roll around, you can also find refreshment when you make this recipe. Serves: 20 to 24 INGREDIENTS 2 quarts ginger ale 2 cups cranberry juice cocktail 1 quart orange juice 8 ounces lemon-lime soda Orange … Read more

How to Make Easy & Simple Gift Baskets

A gift basket with fruit

When the holiday season draws near, our thoughts are filled with various plans. We might be thinking about what to cook, what to wear, and how to decorate our homes in the most perfect manner. No matter how we spend this season, the thought of giving gifts is also never far from … Read more

What Do you Need to Host a Memorable Party?

A large gathering of people for a party

We all like parties, there’s just so much to enjoy. You’ve got catchy tunes playing in the background, a drink in your hand, there is an overall cheery vibe, and everyone is laughing, talking, and dancing. And all these sounds mingle together with the clinking of the cutlery and the pouring of … Read more

How to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Plate

Cheese pretty much goes with anything. Few sandwiches seem complete without cheese; macaroni is best with a coating of cheese; even apple pie comes topped with a slice of cheese in many places. Because of this versatility, making a cheese platter for an event just seems logical. It is sure to be … Read more

Gift Ideas for Foodies

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron 2 Quart Heart Casserole Red 20 cm

Foodies are people who appreciate food and they don’t settle when it comes to food. Many of them go out in search of the best restaurants to eat and also go an extra mile to make the most out of the food they prepare at home. Foodies ensure that every experience with … Read more

20 Best Experience Gifts

Best Experience Gifts

Giving a gift for that special someone can be hard to figure out if you want to make a lasting impact.  Giving yet another gift card can be boring and expected but finding a suitable item might be a challenge. Many of our relatives and friends may already have everything they require, … Read more

10 Factors to Consider Before Buying Personalized Gifts

10 Factors to Consider Before Buying Personalized Gifts

Giving gifts on any occasion can be tricky. Even if you know the other person well, you don’t want to give them a gift that they won’t like. There are a lot of gift items available for sale online and in real life, but sometimes they just won’t do any good. If … Read more

Silly Gag and White Elephant Gifts

Silly Gag and White Elephant Gifts

  Sometimes, the best gifts to give those whom you care about are gifts which will make them laugh. It is a great way to maintain appropriate emotional distance with people you love. White elephant gifts are something unusual you bought or were given to you, which have a value to someone. … Read more

Zombie, Gag and White Elephant Gifts

Zombie Gag and White Elephant Gifts

Do you need to put the finishing touch on your Halloween decorations? Are you looking for the perfect way to add some fun zombie-themed gags to add to your party? Or are you looking for some interesting white elephant gifts? Check out these zombie gag and white elephant gifts. Build Your Own … Read more