The Best High-end Blenders and Mixers


Kitchen appliances are crucial in making quick, delicious food and blender and mixers are the two most important kitchen appliances. Found in nearly every kitchen, we tend to misuse both of them or many at times, ignore the versatile features of both blender and mixer that can make our cooking way more … Read more

The OmniBlend Series by JTC Electronics


Modern kitchens can be under-equipped if they don’t have a blender. These handy devices are great for blending anything edible into a smooth pure, shake, smoothies, or several types of drinks. The best blender for your own kitchen would depend on your individual requirements, but power and durability are among the top … Read more

Guide to the Best Slushie Machines


Nothing beats a delicious and refreshing cup of slushie on a hot afternoon. However, most of us don’t always have the time to go out and buy a cup of slushie in a restaurant, ice cream parlor, or convenience store. Therefore, just like owning a blender, it is also a great treat … Read more

Best Blenders for Tailgating


Sometimes we forget about the little things that make a trip great. And one of those small things is the blender. You are probably asking yourself how a blender can make your trip or camping any better. Actually, it might just be what your camping or tailgating experience is missing. Let’s be … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hand Blenders


A human brain consists of nearly 100 billion cells regarded as neurons. These are super tiny switches that allow people to think and recall things. Computers also contain what seemingly are billions of brain cells called as transistors. They switch signals on and off like neurons and perform at high speeds at … Read more

Best Stand Mixers to Buy


Although most people prefer to do things by hand when it comes to mixing dough and other food items, these tasks can be made more efficient by using an electric mixer. While there are many options available out there, we suggest using a stand mixer, and for a good reason. You can … Read more

What Blender Should I Get?


There was a time when humans only had a wooden spoon at their disposal to blend food. As time passed and technology made progress, humans came up with blenders that made the actual job much easier. Today, we have a plethora of blending options available in the market. You need to have … Read more

Buying guide for immersion blenders


Immersion blenders also known as Hand and Stick blenders can be found in almost every home today. Reason being, immersion blenders eliminate the hustle and bustle involved with noisy and large appliances. Until you purchase an immersion blender, you do not know how important it is to have one in the house. … Read more

Juicers Manufactured by Aobosi


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Reasons to Buy a Hamilton Beach Juicer


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Best New Age Living Juicers and Blenders


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