Holiday appetizer with goat cheese + prosciutto

a tray of prosciutto and goat cheese tarts

The holidays are all about the four F’s — family, food, friends, and fun. Sharing delicious food with your favorite people is one of the best things about the holidays. Whether it’s at your house or theirs, as long as you have great food and great conversations, you’ll all be happy. Your … Read more

Top 5 Scratch Resistant Cooking Sets

Top 5 Scratch resistant cooking sets in 2018

Cookware sets are being one of the most bought things for the kitchen. Everyone needs a good cooking set for their home and want it to be the perfect one. Cookware sets have several features and have several different types of components which make them a complete cookware set. If you want … Read more

Loving Your Leftovers

Plates with Leftover Food on Table

Are you a busy person? Always around the clock for your job and meetings and you couldn’t find extra time for other important things such as eating or sometimes sleeping. With this kind of hectic schedule, you are surely heading straight to either starvation or sleep deprivation. You should at least get … Read more

One-Pot Spaghetti: Sunday Comfort Food Made Easy!

a plate of spaghetti with two pieces of garlic bread

For most American families, Sunday is their day – the day that they’re supposed to slow down, forget all the everyday cares and worries for a while, and spend precious time with each other. Weekdays can get pretty hectic with all the house chores, school work, office work, and after-school and after-office … Read more

Quick and Easy Iced Coffee at Home

a tall glass of iced coffee

Ah, coffee. Who wouldn’t love the tantalizing aroma of it and enjoy its taste and stimulating effects? Many coffee lovers cannot begin to describe their love for coffee. They don’t really think they could make it through the day without an aromatic cup of joe or a heavenly glass of iced coffee.  … Read more

Easy Back-to-School Dinner: Mini Pizzas!

mini pizza with cheese and pepperoni

It’s the usual dilemma any mom would face whenever their kids go back to school: their evenings have become a blur, and dinnertime has been creeping upon them. Between after-school snacks, tons of homework, and many household chores, dinner has become somewhat of a free-for-all lately. Although not all American moms experience … Read more

Recipe: Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookies on a plate and a glass of milk

Peanut butter and chocolate are always a marvelous combination. You really cannot go wrong with this tandem unless you are allergic to one or both of them. In that case, skip this article! Chocolate chip cookies are one of the classic and versatile cookies. Apart from the classic type, there are many … Read more

I Love Juicing!

glasses of vegetable juices

Anytime is a good time to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be rocky at first, as you may be tempted to go back to your old unhealthy habits. But as long as you are resolute and determined in achieving your goals – including … Read more

Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte – A Great Holiday Drink!

a person holding a cup of Starbucks caramel brulee latte

Attention, coffee lovers: while Starbucks may be the most popular coffee chain in the country, a surprisingly significant number of people don’t like its coffee. According to them, Starbucks’ coffee tastes too bitter and almost burnt. So, while it’s safe to say that not all Americans are huge Starbucks coffee fans, otherwise … Read more