Unique Desk and Office Accessories


The typical office worker will have a black monitor with a black computer tower or a black laptop with a black mouse on a black mousepad. If he or she is the artistic type, maybe some fancy pins, sticky notes or some multicolored highlighters. You can make your workspace your own by … Read more

Picking an Office Chair Mat


We often move our office chairs a lot of times while working and these movements can cause damage to our floorings. To avoid the damages, using an office chair mat is beneficial. Aside from protecting different types of floors, it can also help reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and lower fatigue because … Read more

Top 5 Portable Tables for Laptops


If you own a laptop, it is almost hard to not use it all the time. Work, education, research, games or simply surfing the web, laptops are a bit part of our life.  This is doubly true if you work out of a home office. Your lap may well go everywhere with … Read more

Best Office Space Heaters


Sometimes the temperature in offices can get really cold especially during the winter season. This is why we tend to wear sweaters or bring scarves and blankets with us when we go to work to help us stay warm. However, the problem is when we run out of blankets and sweaters to … Read more

Best Surge Protectors for a Home Office


A surge protector is a firewall between your expensive or cheap electronic appliances and the electricity coming in from the wall socket. It is just like a superhero for all your electronic appliances that sacrifices its own life over and over again to save them until it is dead. Every house can … Read more

Tips for Saving Money on Printer Ink


The major problem faced by people who print in high volume isn’t the expense of printer’s energy usage neither it is the paper to create the document. The real cost component of a printed page is its ink. No matter how minimal the energy consumption of a printer is, there will still … Read more

Best Paper Shredders for a Home Office


You would not want your confidential information written on paper to get in wrong hands, and for that purpose, there is a standard device known as a paper shredder that can excellently destroy sensitive documents, old paperwork, or any type of paper waste that is been accumulating in your home office. Some … Read more

Best Indoor Plants for Your Home Office


If you’ve set up a nice workspace for yourself at home, well done! Working from home has several benefits, including flexibility of schedule, more quality family time, and the savings from not commuting every day. Perhaps one of the best parts of such a setup is that you get to design your … Read more

Best Document Scanners


Even in this day and age, many individuals still work with paper: receipts, utility bills, and even company cards. What you require – until this lot wakes up to email and starts sending you the relevant information digitally – is a document scanner. The equipment serves as a modern-day alternative to traditional … Read more

Safes for a Home Office


Investing in a safe may not seem worthwhile on a usual day where everything is perfect, but when bad times come around, and your possessions are at risk of theft, you’d certainly pat yourself on the back. In fact, if keeping a safe in your home office prevented you from losing your … Read more

Best Desk Lamps for a Home Office


There are numerous categories of desk lamps available in the market which might make you ponder about choosing the most appropriate one for your home office according to your requirements. It is extremely important to have a desk lamp that suits the best in accordance with your work environment. Desk lamps can … Read more