Gift Ideas for Science Geeks and Nerds

Cerebral-Coasters (1)

Some of us have a friend who is obsessed with space, crazy about chemistry, can’t get enough of dinosaurs, or in short, a Science geek. Science geeks and nerds are fun to be with because you’ll be able to learn a lot from them. However, they are also one of those people …

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What Fashion Accessories Are Popular?

When most of us are stuck at home as health protocols dictate, fashion is obviously not a top priority during these uncertain times. Many of those who are used to working in the office are stuck at home, and meetings are done virtually. But dressing up to work or study from home …

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Fun Video Game Gift Ideas for Gamers


Being a gamer is an identity. It is like having a ticket to an unlimited amount of fun that sure is addicting. If you are unable to take the game out of your mind while you eat, sleep, or go out, then welcome to the club – you are officially a gamer, …

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Most Popular Kindle Books of All Time

The Kindle is a mobile e-reader that enables you to ingress books, newspapers, magazines, and other printed content in a digital form. It is an e-book ecosystem and an excellent investment if you enjoy reading and read books frequently. The Kindle provides a finer experience, in terms of both visuals and tactile …

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Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution – Book Review


Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution is an informative science content based book written by Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke. The book revolves around modern sciences of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the presence as well as their future implications to the different types of people. The book is one of …

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Top Books From NaNoWriMo Winners


National Novel Writing Month, which is commonly abbreviated as NaNoWriMo, is one of the best non-profit organizations for creative writers. It is popular for its novel writing competition that is held every year in November all across the world. Many young writers from various regions participate online to win the competition. History NaNoWriMo was first initiated by writer Chris Baty with only 21 participants in 1999. This started within a compact area in San Francisco. One of …

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Find Out More About World War II From These Amazing Books


World War II was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. Even though we come across dozens of new conflicts emerging but there is nothing outmatching World War II. Over the years, many authors have expressed their viewpoints on the incident and each has managed to catch the attention of the …

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Great Examples of Dystopian Fiction


Dystopian fiction is known and meant to provoke the wildest imaginations of the readers. Over the years, this genre has witnessed an increasing trend, which does not seem to slow down. These books feature a splendid plot, altered rules, and a protagonist, who saves the day at the end of the day. …

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