Castile Soap and Its Benefits


    More and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle for health and ethical reasons. Many personalities and celebrities have expressed they are now vegans and that this choice has changed their lives. Motivated by the effects of veganism, their avid followers and ordinary folks follow their lead. 

    Being a vegan does have several advantages that not only keep a person healthy but also make them happy with their choices.

    Even though veganism has a strong foundation from many years ago, and although the popularity of this practice is increasing, many vegans find it difficult to adjust due to a lack of changes in the market. 

    Have you ever heard of vegan-friendly soap? If this confuses you, don’t worry. Other than the often linked concept to veganism, which is food, vegans also concern themselves with the body products they use, such as soap. Because of this restriction, vegans are always looking for soap products labeled “vegan-friendly.” 

    But what makes soap vegan-friendly? To be labeled as such, the soap should be devoid of animal fats, oils, and other substances or products derived from animals, such as honey. Vegan-friendly soaps can be used by anyone – vegan or not. There are options for this type of soap, and one of these is Castile soap.

    What is Castile soap?

    What is Castile soap? What are its origins? What are the benefits it offers? Keep on reading and we will help you find out.

    Castile Soap is a hard vegetable oil-based soap that originated from the Castile region in Spain, hence its name. It is often made of olive oils, but they can also consist of coconut oil, jojoba oil, neem oil, argan oil, avocado oil, almond oil, walnut oil, or hemp oil. It is an alkaline soap with a pH higher than the average soap, such that it has a similar level to baking soda. But don’t worry because it is not corrosive.

    It usually is not used with acidic cleansers or other acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon. As mentioned earlier, Castile Soap is alkaline, so when mixed with acidic things, it forms a reaction that will cause the soap to separate into its original oil form. This forms a white film that sticks and is hard to remove. You should also be careful about hard water.

    So why should you switch to Castile Soap? What makes it so great? Let’s uncover its major benefits!

    Benefits of Castile Soap

    Liquid soap and bar soaps

    It Comes In Different Forms

    Castile soap can be made by mixing vegetable oil with potassium hydroxide lye and purified water. This results in a liquid soap mixture. Other Castile soaps available in commercial marketplaces are in the form of a soap bar rather than liquid. Whichever form of soap you prefer, you can always buy it. Others prefer liquid soaps for ease of use, while some like bar soaps because they are more cost-effective. Whatever reasons you have, there is a castile soap in a form that will support your preferences.

    They Are Non-Toxic

    Because Castile Soap is not made with synthetic ingredients or chemicals that can harm your skin but instead natural ones, it is non-toxic. It’s a really gentle soap that even children can use. Despite this “gentleness,” it is still powerful enough to clean away the most stubborn grime. Among the harmful ingredients not included in this soap are triclosan and sulfates.

    A Body Wash and Hand Soap

    Washing hands near the sink

    Do you know how sometimes we buy separate soaps for the shower area and the bathroom sink? You don’t have to worry about choosing different soaps for these two areas, as you can use Castile Soap for both! 

    Decongesting Sinuses

    Yes, this soap can go beyond its usual purpose of cleaning surfaces and helping you out with such an annoying and uncomfortable feeling. To do so, you must add a tablespoon of Castile Soap in hot water (optionally boiling) in a bowl, then cover the bowl and your head with a towel to breathe the steam. You can slowly decongest your sinuses by soothing yourself with this warm, aromatic mist. 

    Can Be Used As A Deodorant

    Deodorant application on armpit

    Are you having trouble fitting all your bathroom needs in your small travel pouch? No worries! If you have Castile Soap, you can skip adding your deodorant stick in the little bag. To use Castile Soap as a deodorant when you finally reach your travel destination, simply mix the soap in liquid form with sea salt in a ratio of 1:2. You can then use this to protect yourself from bad body odor during your daytime activities.

    Can Clean Makeup Brushes

    Sometimes, it’s difficult to clean makeup brushes because of the lack of cleaning materials or the accumulated makeup that is just so hard to remove. However, if you have Castile Soap, this problem can be gone in no time. Simply add two or three drops of the soap to a cup of lukewarm or warm water. Wet your brushes with some water, then dip them all in the soap-water mixture you made previously. Rinse again, and then allow your brushes to dry. 

    Can Be Used To Wash Your Face

    They say that the best way to maximize your looks face-wise is not only through makeup but also through facial skincare. By having healthy skin, you can easily find ways to upgrade your look. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-acne qualities, Castile soap can be a great option for facial washes.

    Used As a Foot Bath

    Foot bath with flowers

    Castile soaps can be used from head to toe; we really mean it! As previously mentioned, Castile Soap can be used to keep your face looking healthy, supple, and clean. But other than that, you can also use it to give yourself a relaxing foot bath. To do this, fill a foot wash or bucket with water. We recommend you use warm water. After that, add two to three teaspoons of Castile Soap!

    A Disinfectant 

    Castile Soap is perfect for eradicating germs and stains in your house’s elements, whether it be for mopping the floor or cleaning dirty window sills.

    A Toothpaste

    Woman brushing her teeth

    Remember when we told you that you could skip adding the deodorant stick to your travel pouch if you have Castile Soap? Well, you can also take away your toothpaste tube because you can use this type of soap as toothpaste when you add a drop of it to your toothbrush. If the taste isn’t to your liking, you can use one with a peppermint scent.

    Castile Soap definitely is more than just a vegan-friendly soap. It can be used for various purposes and is undoubtedly a must-have for every household!


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