Cannon Gun Safe Reviews

For most gun owners, the biggest concern about their firearm collection is having a safe place to store it to prevent unauthorized access, as guns are very dangerous when on the wrong hands. Gun owners are also concerned about minimizing the risk of damage to their guns like scratches, or damages caused by unforeseen disasters like fire, flooding and building collapse due to earthquakes or other causes. Finding a gun safe that can provide protection from these things is very important, and Cannon is one of those gun safe manufacturers who really understand secure weapon storage.

Cannon as a Brand

Cannon has worked its way to the top of the gun safe industry. Established in 1965, Cannon has been manufacturing high-quality and secure gun safes for several decades for all budget segments. They offer a safe that can match any gun owner’s needs – whether you’re building a small armory or looking for a super secure gun safe to keep your rifles away from your kids – Cannon has you covered. Because Cannon has been in the industry for many years, Cannon have honed their products and design practices to provide excellent quality and reliability. They also have a good customer service and warranties put in place. They also have some of the most competitive prices. 

Best Features of Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon offers great quality gun safes with important features that are standard for every model such as:

1. Fire protection

Cannon gun safes are rated for withstanding fires at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. While it is not something to write home about, it is worth noting that these safes are exposed to this temperature from almost the start of testing, meaning they can sustain this kind of heat for as long as possible.

Cannon verifies the integrity of their tests by measuring the internal temperatures using 9 separate sensors placed all over the structure of the safe. They also test the upper portion of the safe where the temperature rises to the fastest (which many manufacturers usually avoid). With this manufacturer, you can count on their products to stay fire-resistant as advertised. 

2. Theft protection

Cannon’s high-end gun safes have formidable anti-theft features. They use three layers of high-strength, 60+ RC-rated steel hard plates, and at least 4” thick doors to secure the safe from any drilling or tampering attempts. They also have anti-pry tabs to stop burglars from finding a spot the leverage the gap between the bolts of the door of the safe. Prying becomes harder because of the use of 4” long and 1”+ wide locking bolts.

Even their lower-end safes have sturdy builds and protection features included. Cannon uses their “Patented TruLock Internal Hinges” instead of industry staple external hinges. They claim that this provides a greater degree of safety on the hinge while eliminating the risk of the hinges being removed by a burglar. 

3. Locking technology

Cannon uses a unique redundant backup approach for locks instead of the EMP-resistant electronic locks that can withstand a fallout of an electromagnetic pulse attack. The higher end products use dual locks, which means there’s a backup mechanical lock that kicks into gear as soon as the electronic lock fails.

4. Interior storage and customization

Many of Cannon gun safes come with internal media and power supply outlets so you can easily set up lights, dehumidifiers and cameras inside without the need to drill holes into the structure to get some cables in. And the plus side is, you don’t have to spend big to get a safe with those features. 

5. Warranty 

The company offers a fully transferable lifetime warranty for all its safes and promises to repair or replace the safes for free in case it gets damaged due to fire, theft or natural disaster. They also claim to pay the shipping costs if the safe has to be transferred to their factory for repairs, or a replacement can be sent to your home. This just shows that they are confident with the quality of the safes they offer. 

Popular Cannon Gun Safes

Where to Buy
Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe
Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe
Cannon Safe H8 Home Guard 75 Minute Fire Safe
Cannon Safes Commander CO43
Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220

1. Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe

Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe lets you enjoy the same benefits and elegance found on safes that costs hundreds more. Security is guaranteed with this safe, thanks to its Intertek-ETL approved fire protection rating. It can withstand up to 60 minutes of fire in 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a big safe that can accommodate up to 24 guns, so if you’re a serious gun collector, this safe is a good choice. The exterior of the safe has an old world charm to it, with a rotating knob and a Cannon insignia. But don’t let the traditional exterior fool you. It’s a pretty technical device that has a 110 V power supply, plus a USB port and Ethernet connection slot. You can easily plug in a dehumidifier in here. It also has a top-grade upholstered shelves, inset door panel and walls. It uses the Tru Rack system for storage. 

When it comes to security, this gun safe packs an electronic lock at commercial grade type 1 UL-rated. It comes with a 4-inch steel door that will keep out unauthorized people from trying to get in the safe. Apart from these, the safe also has a unibody construction for optimum strength and ruggedness, EMP lock, 1” locking bolts, multiple re-lockers and a 5-spook handle. 


  • Can accommodate up to 24 guns
  • Excellent security using thick steel
  • USB port and Ethernet connection slot
  • Internal power supply
  • Intertek-ETL approved fire rating
  • Fireproof for 60 minutes at 1,200 F
  • Uses Tru Rack system for storage


  • Company keeps master codes for up to one year and users have to remember it unless you will be locked out
  • User complaints about delivery and shipping

2. Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe

The Scout Series of Cannon Safes offers full-featured safes with trademark Cannon quality, good looks and great security. It also has some of the top-grade fireproof features. The Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe is one of them. It comes in a hammer-tone black color with top-grade upholstery shelves, and an additional factory installed door organizer.  It is also equipped with a power outlet, media outlet and Ethernet connection slot.

With gun capacity set at 24 guns, this means that you can keep multiple firearms of different sizes, plus you can bring in other valuables as well. It is made out of heavy gauge steel and has a thick 4-inch composite door. It also features a unibody construction for optimum strength and ruggedness. 

This fire safe is also fireproof for up to 30 minutes in a fire up to 1,200 degrees. This safe is strong enough to withstand blazing heat and hard pressure. It also has a heat-reactant door seal that reacts to heat by expanding. For security, it comes with a commercial-grade type 1 electronic lock, true lock hinges, surefire multiple re-lockers, 3-spoke handle and pre-drilled bottom just in case you want to bolt it into the floor. It also comes with a light-up electronic keypad with batteries included. 


  • Can accommodate up to 24 guns
  • Durable 
  • Code is easy to change
  • Electronic lock with keypad lights
  • USB port and Ethernet connection slot
  • Internal power supply
  • Comes with door organizer
  • Fireproof for 30 minutes at 1,200 F
  • Heat redactant door seal


  • Gun rack can’t hold short rifles or long guns
  • Keypad is noisy

3. Cannon Safe H8 Home Guard 75 Minute Fire Safe

If you’re looking for a small home safe for storing your handguns, cash and electronic gadgets, the Cannon Safe H8 Home Guard 75 Minute Fire Safe is a good choice. This is a typical, stand-alone box-type safe that can withstand fire. It’s ETL-verified to resist fire up to 75 minutes, unlike most Cannon safes that are only fireproof for 30 minutes.

This small yet power-packed safe comes with a 110 V power outlet, media outlet and an Ethernet connection inside the safe. There are two shelves you can adjust to fit your storage needs. You can bolt it to the floor to make it immovable. 

It features a 1” active locking bolt with triple hard plate to protect the lock area. 


  • Comes with built-in shelves
  • USB port and Ethernet connection slot
  • Internal power supply
  • More solid than most competitors
  • Can be bolted down
  • Equipped with hooks like larger Cannon safes
  • Fireproof for 75 minutes at 1,200 F


  • A bit pricey considering the size 
  • Lock doesn’t have plate for extra protection
  • Shelves are not adjustable

4. Cannon Safes Commander CO43

Do you own a lot of guns? Perhaps you can use a safe that can fit all your firearms. Cannon Safes Commander CO43 can hold up to 36 guns. Plus, it sets the standards for how a safe should be like. It offers superior protection and brings an elegant look in your home.

First of all, it’s made with heavy gauge steel to ensure long-term durability, including a massive 5 5/8 inch double composite door. Along with this comes a unibody construction that guarantees optimum strength. It also has superb fireproofing abilities, as it boasts of Intertek-ETL verified fire protection at 1200 degrees for a whopping 90 minutes. This safe has triple Fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal, a heat-activated door seal and a 2-step door for added barrier.

This safe can store up to 36 guns max, and the bottom of the safe is customizable so that half can be turned into shelves or left open as a rifle rack. The top of the safe has a fixed shelf. The door has pouches on the inside, which is handy for storing pistols, gear and documents.

When it comes to the locking system, this safe comes with a high-security, commercial grade electronic lock, surefire multiple lockers, EMP lock, double steel door frame, 60 plus RC steel hard plate protecting the lock and a 5-spoke handle. Plus, it has internal light, a USB port and an Ethernet port. 


  • Can accommodate up to 36 guns
  • Comes with handy door pouches
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Made of heavy-duty gauge steel
  • Intertek-ETL approved fire rating
  • Fireproof for 90 minutes at 1,200 F
  • Electronic lock
  • USB port and Ethernet connection slot
  • Internal light


  • Pricey
  • Access for electric and data cable feeds are weak

5. Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220

Looking for a budget-friendly solution to your gun storage needs? Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220 has got you covered. If you own a gun just for protection, you can get this vault-type safe so you can also store your jewelry, documents, cash, gadgets and so much more. The major highlight of this model would be its spacious and adjustable shelves. It has a beautiful exterior, featuring a chocolate brown hammer tone finish that is perfect for almost any setting.

This also has an impressive fireproof features, as it can survive a blaze at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit at 60 minutes. It’s made of heavy duty gauge steel, and it also has a triple fin intumescent expandable seal that can stretch 12 times its original size once it feels some heat. It’s durable because it is made of heavy gauge steel with unibody construction.

This safe is equipped with the patented TruLock hinges, plus 1” round and 4” long active locking bolts. It also has pre-drilled holes in the bottom which helps if you want to bolt this unit to the floor. It comes with a TopLite electronic keypad so you can lock or unlock your safe easily whether day or night.


  • Comes with handy door organizer
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Fireproof for 60 minutes at 1,200 F
  • Electronic lock
  • Made of heavy-duty gauge steel
  • Electronic lock
  • TopLite electronic keypad
  • TruLock hinges


  • No power outlet or inlet inside
  • Number pad comes in a non-standard configuration