Bye bye summer, hello Cookie

Goodbye summer break. The kids will miss you.
Just kidding…they are so ready to go back to school!
(Same here)
We had some fun in the beginning of summer, but the last month with Harper being here has been pretty boring. It’s kind of hard to take a newborn to the beach or water park, especially when it’s around 100 degrees outside. I’ve been afraid of taking her out because its been so hot and sunny out every day. I was worried she’d be too hot or get too much sun or something. Maybe I’m paranoid, but we’ve been cooped up inside for most of her life so far. My two older kids, Ayden & Lily, have been great sports about it, but they’ve been getting pretty bored lately- so much so that they are excited to go back to school. Poor kids!
The first day of school is Wednesday so we decided to get out and enjoy these last few days of summer break. It’s finally cooled off a little and you can actually go outside without completely melting! We walked to the school to see the class lists and find out who the kids have for teachers this year. The walk was so nice- it’s about a mile round trip, and it’s slightly uphill on the way home. I was breathing pretty heavily and even broke a sweat! Harper hated the stroller and screamed the entire way. That should be so fun when I walk to pick up the kids every day (weather permitting). I can’t believe I have a 1st and 4th grader now!

Ayden earned a free ticket to an amusement park for meeting his reading goal last school year and he finally got to use it. My good friend Anna offered to take him with her daughter, Violet (who also earned a free ticket). They went last week and he rode his first roller coaster…and hated it. They looked pretty excited beforehand, but afterwards they decided not to ride any other roller coasters and stuck to the less-crazy rides for the rest of the day. I’m so glad he got to go and use his ticket before summer’s end! He had a ton of fun and I was jealous that I couldn’t go too.
Last week my best friend Breann was in town visiting family, and I was lucky enough to get to spend a couple of hours with her before she had to leave. Our other friend Jodi met at a park with her 2 kids (she was pregnant with me & we had our babies 1 day apart!) Normally we’d meet up for lunch and shopping whenever Breann comes to visit, but with 5 children between us (2 of them newborns) we figured the park/splash pad was probably a safer choice this time. The kids had fun and were good for the most part, and I got to carry on an adult conversation with someone besides my husband for a change. It was nice! Wish I did it more often.

Baby date! Max and Harper snoozing next to each other.

Sundays are daddy’s day off, so we usually get out of the house and do something has a family. We decided to hit up this fun thing our city does every summer called Pig Out in the Park. It’s pretty self explanatory- it’s a food festival in the park and you go there to eat. It’s pretty cool if you can handle the crowds. I’m not a huge fan of public events like that because I cannot deal with the amount of people, but I’m a pig and I love food, so we went. I ate some yummy Thai food, part of Lily’s corn dog, and a snow cone. I was hoping to get these really good looking chocolate covered strawberries on a skewer, but the line was moving way too slow for me and Harper was getting fussy so we decided to call it a day and go home. Man, I really wish I would have gotten some of those strawberries now!
Speaking of pigging out, look at this little chunk. She had her one month check up about a week ago and she weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces- up from 6 pounds 9 ounces at birth. She’s not even quite 6 weeks yet and she’s already maxing out that 0-3 month onesie! I guess Harper and I will have to go on a shopping date when the kids go back to school.
And it looks like there might be a new member of our family. I found this adorable kitten meowing in my front yard a few days ago. She was really scared, filthy, and starving and I didn’t see anyone outside looking for her, so I brought her inside and fed her. I couldn’t leave her outside and I knew we had to take care of her until we figured out who she belonged to. I immediately placed a few ads online in the lost & found section and hoped someone would identify her, but so far no one has responded. Judging by how hungry and dirty she was I’m thinking she was probably abandoned. Isn’t she adorable? My little cat-lady, Lily, is calling her Cookie (to go with our cat Muffin). I’m really not a cat person, but I kind of wouldn’t mind if no one claimed Cookie and she got to stay.
So pretty soon I’m going to be home all day every day with just a newborn and 2 cats.
What a glamorous life I lead!