Bullies suck


    Bullying has been a significant issue not only with schools but even with online platforms. Though addressing some of the problems is good, it’s not enough to stop the whole point. At some moment in their life, kids will be experiencing a bully or be the bully; that’s where parents should be stepping in. Bullying, at most times, could cause a child’s self-esteem, confidence, morale, and dignity. Without those factors, it could significantly affect their growth. While bullying can either be physical or mental abuse, it can still relatively cause adverse effects to anyone.

    Effect of Bullying – The Victim

    Unfortunately, bullying at such a young age could affect a child in one way or another; the scary part is that the child would tend to hide it away from their parents. Parents would often be left clueless about what’s happening with their children.

    Depression and Anxiety:  Kids who experience bullying at a very young age could develop early signs of depressions and anxiety. Increased feelings of loneliness and sadness are often inevitable for such circumstances.

    Loss of Interest: One vital point of bullying; the victim tends to lose interest in many things. Parents could use this as a signal from their children since they could stop doing the things they were so fond of doing, too.

    Health Complaints: This one is pretty obvious, as it could prevent the kid from eating as much. Bruises and physical abuse could also be present, which could then lead to other physical illnesses.

    Decreased Academic Performance: A child experiencing bullying could cause a great deal to their academic performance as a whole. They would suddenly lose interest in studying or could even suggest stopping going to school.

    Suicidal: We could say that this point is a product of all of the effects of bullying. Suicidal, unfortunately, is not new for someone who is experiencing bullying. The buildup of mental and physical abuse could be too much at a young age, leading to suicidal thoughts.

    Future Problems: The effects said above can be carried over to adulthood, where problems could worsen. Depressions, anxieties, and loss of self-esteem are the most carried-over issues from their childhood, and it’s enough to significantly affect someone’s adult life.

    Effects of Bullying – The Bully

    As we mentioned before, bullying can affect someone from both sides. In reality, the bully and the bullied are both victims in this situation. There are many factors why a bully does this, and it’s best to notice it during its early stages to prevent it from getting worse.

    Being Alcoholic: Someone who does bullying could already be alcoholic in their early adolescent years up to adulthood. Not only will it significantly affect their health, but it could also lead to other serious problems.

    Drugs: One of the worst fears of any parent. Bullying could lead to doing drugs even at the early stages of adolescence. This issue will then be persistent to their adulthood which could lead to more significant problems.

    Violence: Bullying is one substantial part of domestic violence, let alone violence as a whole. If not treated early, violence is an inevitable point that we should be looking at; not only would bullies cause domestic violence, they could be on the streets causing more problems.

    Future Family Problems: Aside from domestic violence, bullies can have a relatively massive problem with their own families; that being irresponsible would be an understatement.

    Prevention is Better than Cure

    Bullying is a severe case that no one should be taking lightly. Communicate with your children as much as possible. Try to get the signs because they won’t be telling anyone about the bullying issue most of the time. If your kid is being bullied, verbal abuse to the perpetrator won’t teach them anything; it’s best to sit down with them and comfort them as parents. Give encouraging words to your kid, then try to reach out to the bully’s parents to inform them of the situation. If your kid is the bully, check your environment and see any triggers to their actions. Learn to communicate with them as well; having a sit down could save a bully’s life. Family, mostly parents, have the most significant effect on both parties, so make sure to be a role model to them at all times. Remember, preventing the issue is much better than curing them, so if you see the signs early, set your priorities and be done with it.


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