Budget-Friendly Healthy and Organic Food Shopping


    For moms who want to get fit and healthy, making that decision will never be that easy. At first, their fitness journey is off to a good start. But because life and kids eventually get in the way, that journey is cut short, and most moms would put diet and exercise on the back burner for many years.

    But it’s never too late to make some changes and get healthy once again, and food has a lot to do with these changes. However, having kids in the house can make it pretty tricky to eat well since your family tends to gravitate towards quick, easy, filling, and inexpensive snack options to keep the little ones full and happy. Moms have a tough time spending extra money from their food budget on specialty items for themselves, no matter how good they are.

    Despite some challenges and difficulties, eating well on a budget is not entirely impossible. You don’t even need to make an embarrassing trip to an organic food store, only to find your budget suffer through those expensive “healthy” options.

    Check out the following tips that will enable you to shop for quality organic food products while making significant savings at the same time:

    Buy in season

    When fruits and vegetables are in season, they are usually plentiful and more affordable. Seasonal produce also tastes better and fresher. As they are in season, these fruits and vegetables are easy to grow and do not require synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and GMOs, making them absolutely safe and healthy to consume. 

    Take advantage of their abundance by turning them into healthy salads, snacks, soups, shakes, smoothies, and juices. And speaking of juice, you can try making this yummy fruits-and-vegetable juice that will surely become a regular to your healthy homemade menu.

    Watch local ads

    Your local supermarket or grocery would publish a weekly ad that highlights the products on sale for that week, and products on sale would sometimes include organic foods. You can subscribe to their newsletter so that you can be first to learn about the latest great merchandise sales and deals. They often feature organic foods and products.

    Look for coupons

    You don’t necessarily have to become one of those extreme couponers who tidy up their garage or basement to hoard surplus groceries. But if you want to do that, good luck!

    You may find that some of the organic food vendors offer coupons for their products that you can use at most grocery stores. Clip those precious coupons that you can find from magazines, newspapers, and local circulars. You can also find coupons online and even on mobile apps, some of which will give you rebates for buying certain products or brands.

    Buy in bulk

    Sure, it’s a little prep work for you in the long run. But buying products in whole and bulk (instead of pre-packaged portions) will save you more money. It will also save you from making several trips to the grocery store. When you buy organic food products in large quantities, you’ll get a better deal. Many local supermarkets and groceries offer a wide selection of bulk organic goods, including hard-to-find products like coffee, teas, flours, spices, and straight-from-the-farm fresh produce.

    bottled goods in a freezer from an organic store

    Stay updated on deals from your favorite organic brands

    Your favorite organic brands will often alert their social media followers by posting sweet and superb deals and discounts for a limited time. So, if you find an organic food or beauty product brand you love, find out if they have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If they have, hit “like” or “follow” to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest deals and discounts. If they have a newsletter, sign up for it.

    Buy from private label brands

    Products from small, little-known private label brands — from hot sauces to jellies to food supplements – are made from 100% natural and organic products. They also use little to no preservatives and contain ingredients that you are quite familiar with. Generally, they cost a little more than mass-produced generic brands. But it’s a small price to pay for getting quality food and other merchandise that you and your family can trust. Plus, you help the community by buying and supporting their products.

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